Tax reform


DECORAH — On Sept. 22, I attended a domestic policy meeting at the White House. Being from the small Northeast Iowa town of Decorah, I was honored to have been invited and attended with not a small amount of humble pride. The meeting was “off the record” so I cannot provide comments from the White House aides and elected officials in attendance, but can tell you the overall theme from our group on taxes was the average American should not have to pay $200-$300 every year to file their taxes.

We gave Republicans the House, Senate and presidency on the promise the tax code would be simplified and we would be able to file our taxes on a postcard. We were also promised the business tax code would be modified to make American businesses competitive with the rest of the world and allow those businesses to create new jobs for our citizens. We did make it clear that if they were not going to deliver on those promises we would work just as hard to find people that would.

The trip was awesome and I hope the message I assisted in delivering was just as much.

Gun laws


WATERLOO — The NRA policies helped the Las Vegas mass murderer obtain his tools of slaughter. The NRA keeps the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, bump stocks and cop-killer bullets legal. The AR-15 killed children at Sandy Hook. Bump stocks increase firing speed, and cop-killer bullets can go through police bulletproof vests.

Now the NRA wants noise suppressors to be legal. That would make it harder for police to tell where gunfire is coming from.

Some people will believe carrying a handgun will keep you safe. The police were well armed at the Las Vegas concert but were unable to stop the gunfire until the shooter was located.

I hope Iowa’s senators and representatives will vote needed gun regulations into law. The AR-15 rifles, bump stocks, cop-killer bullets and gun suppressors need to be illegal in the U.S. Lawmakers who keep the tools of mass murder legal should share the blame for the slaughter.

Tax cut


CEDAR FALLS — Yesterday I had a conversation at the coffee shop with a couple of friends who are ecstatic about the stimulus affect of the proposed new tax cut. My question to them was, will it add to our overall federal debt? Their answer to me was inconclusive. They said it would be revenue neutral. If it is revenue neutral then the taxpayer gets a tax cut from whom? Do my taxes go up to pay for a revenue neutral tax cut? And if it adds to the overall debt does it mean “We the People” sign off on the new debt to stimulate the economy?

It seems to me if “We the People” take on new debt then “We the People” should participate in deciding where that new debt is spent. I will take a check for 1/330,000,000 of that new debt please and every other citizen should get one too.


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