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Trelka running


WATERLOO — I am disappointed in Chief Trelka’s decision to run for Black Hawk County Supervisor while retaining his job as Waterloo police chief. I have nothing against Chief Trelka. He has done a very good job as police chief and probably would do fine as a member of the Board of Supervisors.

What I am concerned is that the job of police chief is a 24/7, 365-day-a-year job. The residents of Waterloo deserve his entire devotion to that job. Many companies have restrictions on employees having outside employment. Some even forbid it entirely. I believe the city should consider that position for certain key employees, including police chief, fire chief and mayor, at least.

I am also concerned that if elected he could not perform the supervisor duties to the capacity needed. I have spoken with supervisors who are spending 30-plus hours per week on their duties. How can he give that much time to the county plus an adequate job as chief? This is not partisan; I would be concerned if he ran as a Democrat. Chief Trelka, reconsider your decision.

Sullivan center


WATERLOO — Surprise, surprise. Did you know that we still own the Sullivan Brothers Convention Center? Also, we don’t have a clue about Sunnyside South, except someone is paying the taxes and the city is paying the upkeep. I guess I would like to know who is running the show?

We just held the Home Show and the pool tournaments there. Where did the money from these events go? I think it’s about time we get our act together. I am a supporter of the Sullivan brothers. They are heroes and let’s not lose sight of that.

Editor’s note: The Waterloo City Council did vote to sell the convention center to a private owner who is also buying the adjoining Ramada Hotel. The city and buyer have not closed on the sale, which means the existing contract continues. The operator of the hotel manages the convention center under contract with the city, under an arrangement dating back to the 1970s, and pays the city a percentage of any revenues generated. The city is the landlord and is responsible for any major repairs at the center. One of the driving forces behind the city’s decision to sell the convention center was that the city was receiving little revenue from the operation of the building but was facing more than $7 million in estimated repair bills. The Sunnyside South situation remains in litigation.

Implants column


WATERLOO — In regards to Esther Cepeda’s column March 19 about cochlear implants for deaf/hard-of-hearing babies. Why? I am not opposed 100 percent. It’s OK for people who lost their hearing or are deaf/hard of hearing who are old enough to make the decision if they want one and can afford them both financially and with the bad side effects, but not for deaf/hard-of-hearing babies.

We deaf communities have seen and heard the bad side effects that they don’t want to wear them any longer. On websites about cochlear implants, they hide all the true bad side effects. Many hours of hearing and speech are involved, too.

Why drill the children to fit into your hearing world? Let kids be who they are and have fun with other kids. God created special kids for a purpose. Deaf or hard of hearing is not an illness or disease.


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