Health insurance


CEDAR FALLS — I read the letters on health care and it seems that some still think there’s a free lunch. Maybe they have had their way paid for so long they have forgotten. Think personal responsibility. Your government cannot pay out more than it takes in unless it runs a deficit.

We just had a president who thought that was the way to go, having spent more than all previous presidents — combined. You have some who think they should soak the rich. Ever been employed by a poor man? We had an Iowa senator who said health care was a right. I have never believed that, but he said it enough times he got people believing it, and so we had eight years of that notion. That should be another incentive or your house blows away.

What happens when you have a car accident and no insurance or your house blows away? You owe someone big time. With the regulations the government has imposed, it has about bankrupted the health insurance industry. Go back eight years and see what you were paying for premiums and how the government screwed it up. For starters, we need cross-state line competition.

Reading buddies


WATERLOO — Be a Reading Buddy: Help a child learn to read.

Some children in our community are struggling to develop reading skills and may not have someone at home who can help them. Reading Buddies help these kids prepare for their future, to be able to communicate and learn through reading and writing.

Could you go to school once every week, for one hour, and listen to two to three children read to you? Encourage them as they practice reading, and help them with the difficult words? (The words will be easy for you.)

If are interested, contact me at 272-2553 or by email at

Public education


PARKERSBURG — Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds wants to lower taxes even though the state has had to deplete its “rainy day” fund to pay its bills. Already, Republicans have indicated lower taxes probably means reductions in state services such as public education from local to higher education. For local school boards, reduced state support will mean raising local taxes if the local board wishes to maintain the current level of education.

In the past, Iowa was famous for its quality of education, but with the reduction in funds in the past few years, Iowa’s slide into mediocrity continues. The Republican effort to strangle both local and higher education will result in the dumbing down of the electorate, threatening our future leaders, a legacy no one wants.

Thus, now is the time for every citizen to contact your state officials, insisting they reject the Republican pandering for votes by lowering taxes when that endangers a key component of our democracy — public education.

Call the Courier


LA PORTE CITY — Do I detect a teensy bit of bias in the Jan. 24 Call the Courier response when asked about President Trump’s tweets? Might the response have been a little more appropriate — and less biased — if stated, “... We have neither the space nor inclination. The president’s tweets, along with those of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren (or any other political figure) are self-promoting propaganda.” You missed the opportunity on this one to show impartiality. Or did you just take advantage of another opportunity to degrade our president?

The answer appears obvious.