A republic


WATERLOO — This country is a republic, not a democracy. The Constitution is the law of the land.

People who think they can decide who has constitutional rights and who doesn’t are not true Americans. They are the true cancer of this country.

Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t give you the right to violently attack or intimidate someone who is exercising their constitutional rights.

Land swap


WATERLOO — Selling excess city-owned land to Hawkeye Community College for $1 to create infill housing is great, but in many cases the city has an investment in tear-down and legal costs. Are the houses being sold at cost? If not, shouldn’t the city taxpayers share in profits?

The Miriam Park-Edison School swap should not occur. The Edison lots should be sold at market value and Waterloo Schools should do that. Waterloo should not be allowed to sell Edison lots below market value. Edison is a strong neighborhood, and those lots should have value. Development cannot be giveaways as the rest of pay taxes.

USS Indianapolis


GREENE — There has been news reporting of the discovery of the remains of the heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis that was sunk by a Japanese submarine on the night of July 30, 31, 1945, that went unreported as missing until the remaining 300-plus survivors were discovered on Aug. 4, 1945, after 104 hours being in the water without food, water and what appeared as no chance for being rescued.

It has since become known that a Japanese sub was in the area between the Marianna Islands of Saipan, Tinian and Guam and the cruiser’s destination, the Philippines. There were about 1,200 officers and crew aboard at the time of the sinking. The Indy is the ship that transported the two atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan a few days later. Those lost in the sinking never knew that the boxes on the Indy’s main deck contained what was to be the end of the war in the Pacific.

Health care


TRIPOLI — Senator McCain, Christian hero, Senator Collins and Senator Murkowski. They voted no to Trumpcare. Trumpcare or “skinny health care” didn’t cover anything. Immediately 16 million would have lost health care along with the present 32 million. Republicans want to cut Medicaid which would have hurt the poor rural people, hospitals and nursing home Medicaid residents.

More workers are part time, paid $10 an hour with no benefits. Health care organizations, doctors and hospitals didn’t back Trumpcare. Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst didn’t stand up for Iowa rural voters, only tax cuts for the rich.

Letter response


WATERLOO — Responding to a letter by Robert Siebrands (Aug. 20): Hudson has a good education system and I greatly applaud them. As far as the red light cameras, we don’t need the 5 Ws. Drive around Waterloo and look at the people driving and get your own information. It takes money to run the city, and the cameras will bring in money plus safety.

I would rather see a three-second delay on the red lights on all stoplights, but no one will believe me.


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