Worst editorial


WATERLOO — “The shame in Charlottesville” (Aug. 15) was the most one-sided, historically absurd piece of commentary I’ve read as a life-long subscriber to the paper. The Courier supported the notion the South’s secession was an affront to Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. Actually, southerners believed the Declaration demanded secession. The Courier seems to hold slavery as a major cause of the Civil War. It wasn’t. Lincoln, in his first inaugural address, remarked: “I have no purpose … to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I … have no right to do so … .” Slavery was not one of the top tier reasons 620,000 soldiers killed one another in battle.

Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens was cherry-picked for expressing the view “the Negro is not equal to the white man.” No mention of Lincoln who, albeit more eloquently, spoke publicly during debates of his belief in white supremacy.

The Courier’s thinly veiled Trump hit piece was long on words, but pathetically short on serious historical analysis. Furthermore, removing long-standing statues of Confederate heroes will begin an endless ideological purging orgy. Maybe that’s the intent. Charlottesville was a shameful episode. Regrettably, so was your editorial.

North Korea


WATERLOO — For weeks TV and print media have portrayed some childish name-calling between presidents of the U.S. and North Korea as an “international crisis.” Recent polls show an amazing 85 percent of U.S. residents agree North Korea poses a “moderate or very serious threat” to the U.S. This is ridiculous.

Russia currently has 7,300 nuclear weapons, many pointed at U.S. cities and military targets. China has 260. The idea North Korea may have several nuclear loaded missiles that may be able to reach the U.S., and that this situation creates a serious threat to U.S. existence, is pure hysteria.

North Korea President Jong-Un is a brutal dictator, but he is not a crazy, irrational actor when it comes to foreign policy. He knows once his country attains nuclear status it will not be invaded by anyone, including the U.S.

The solution is for China to inform North Korea if they fire on the U.S. first, China will not defend them; however, if anyone first strikes the Koreans, China will come to their defense. This arrangement would take away the necessity for North Korea to have nuclear weapons to protect their homeland.

Day made


CEDAR FALLS — On Aug. 12 I was celebrating my birthday at McDonald’s on University Avenue in Waterloo. Two young gentlemen came to my booth and said “I hear it’s your birthday” and gave me a gift certificate and said “Have a great day.”

Thanks to whoever you are. You made by made.


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