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More on smoothies


WATTERLOO — Some Courier readers may remember my blather about the benefit of drinking a smoothie for breakfast. You know, a mixture of “health” without the usual bacon and eggs, toast and jam, fried eggs, ad infinitum. There is a healthful addition for the usual smoothie recipe of carrots, celery, orange sections, orange juice, prune juice, whatever is on hand. The following was noted by our friend Google: “Orange rinds are healthful!” Simply let them grind up in your blender along with the rest of the orange pulp and other ingredients. It saves the laborious job of peeling.

Per Google: “Orange peel also contains considerable amounts of calcium, copper, magnesium, vitamin A, folate and other B vitamins and dietary fiber. They have an intense orange and bitter flavor, but the latter is often a clue that a food is healthy; the bitter taste is the result of the many flavonoids that orange peels contain.”

Backs pharmacist


WATERLOO — Regarding Dr. Matthew Kettman’s April 4 letter: I want to thank Dr. Kettman for his goodness and courage to publicly vouch for the honesty, integrity and compassion of Ric Foreman, an individual he knows personally in his business and workday dealings.

I, too, know Ric and, as the doctor said, “He is a caring, compassionate man, who has helped those who are in need.” The charge against him does not fit my knowledge of him.

Departing reporter



WEST DES MOINES — As two of Pat Kinney’s former newsroom colleagues, we appreciate everything he brought to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls community over the years.

Yes, he had an extraordinary institutional knowledge and memory. That alone will be a tremendous loss to The Courier, its staff and readers. But, he is so much more than that.

Pat was the perfect role model for every community journalist — and anyone who aspires to be one. He was the epitome of the fair-minded story-teller. He never had an ax to grind.

He was the most decent and empathetic journalist we’ve ever known. Yet, while he cares deeply about his hometown and those who live there, he never pulled any punches when it came to giving readers the God’s honest truth. And, he was a true work horse.

As Pat begins the next chapter of his career at the Grout Museum, we wish him all the best. It is nice to know he’s not going to be far away, but The Courier and its coverage will never be the same.

Gun rights


NASHUA — I’ve just joined the NRA. I don’t own a gun and until recently could not see any need for this action. In the last few months we have allowed some factions of our country to make them and a weapon the focus of the gun violence debate. Some limitations are acceptable and inevitable, but taking away our Second Amendment rights is not the correct way to deal with that problem.

Until we are ready to address the mental problems and the right of the public to be safe over the rights of persons with those problems we won’t fix anything. We also need to be willing to look at the products that are on movie screens, TVs and the video gaming industry and what their effect is. At this point the NRA is the only agency actively supporting the Second Amendment and its value in allowing us to defend the other nine of the first 10 that were put in place to protect us from overzealous government.


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