Mass shootings


CEDAR FALLS — Every time we have a major incident, such as Las Vegas, we have become very good at praying, placing flowers and Teddy bears at make-shift memorials, and talking about gun control. After these tragic events, we have T-shirts made with “we remember” on them. We are becoming immune to these events.

Maybe the person who causes the event is a terrorist, maybe mentally disturbed, maybe known to authorities but falls through the cracks of the legal system, whatever the reason. We need to stop and take a deep breath and accomplish something that stops making these incidents sensational news today. Are we watching too many episodes of “The Walking Dead” where blowing apart zombies is an acceptable episode?

Whatever is wrong, we need to change our acceptance of these incidents. We are getting very good at lowering the flag.

Tax bill


QUASQUETON — Rod Blum, the multimillionaire, is trying to convince people that by giving tax breaks to the rich, the rich will bring their companies back to the USA.

Here is my thoughts on that ... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What a joke. Companies began to leave the United States clear back when Ronald Reagon was the president. These companies left the country because these companies did not want to pay for labor. Greed was their incentive.

So ask yourself, have you seen a reduction in companies being greedy since that time in the ‘80s when Reagon was president? Think about the salaries of the CEOs and their lifestyles. Now they are trying to claim they cannot bring these companies back without huge tax cuts. These are the same folks who claim they cannot afford to pay their help well and provide decent benefits for their employees.

The small business owner will see little help from this new tax plan. It is the mega rich who will be reaping huge benefits. Research and learn exactly what Blum and his companions are trying to do with this tax bill.

Crunch time


WATERLOO — It is getting down to the time we will be going to the polls to vote for our city council members. I go to every meeting, and I see how the voting goes. Generally, when it comes to looking out for the taxpayers and the spending of our money, the vote typically is three votes to put money back into the general fund (to reduce taxes) and four votes supporting these give-away programs.

Our Waterloo city debt, I believe, has gone from $90 million to $120 million. We are giving land away for a dollar with tax abatements and TIFF programs, with future expectations of that money returning to the general fund.

However, if these areas are expanding with new development, more moneys are invested by the city into new projects being renewed, so there is no money going into the general fund to help out the taxpayers, which was the goal of its initial design. In my opinion we better be looking for someone who is a little more conservative if it isn’t too late.


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