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Vote democracy


CEDAR FALLS — The Republican Party refuses to get Putin’s government out of control of the U.S. The only way to remove Republicans is voters vote them out.

The Democratic Party is weak; some vote Republican to load their pockets too.

Wake up, citizens! Our government is on the edge of failure. China, Russia and Japan are the leaders. The only way for our country is for voters to vote for democracy.

Waterloo council


MARION — The people of Waterloo should let their voices be heard concerning that unemployed mechanic issue by remembering the council members’ names that caused all this mess at the next election and vote in people who have some common sense.



WATERLOO — Fred Abraham’s Feb. 11 column was textbook liberal gibberish. I zero in on his abortion position. He wrote: “I am uncomfortable with abortion as a means of birth control.” He then pivots by deferring to the old “woman’s body, woman’s choice” defense of abortion, which is essentially an endorsement of unrestricted abortion.

When a woman’s body walks out of an abortion clinic, the body of her unborn child is left behind — dead — to be unceremoniously discarded. Abraham’s failed stab at broadmindedness is illustrative of America’s increasing moral paralysis. Chesterton once wrote: “Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to close it on something solid.”

Furthermore, his inference that it’s an extreme, ostensibly Republican position to support legal protection to unborn life at all stages, is false. I’m a life-long Democrat. This barbaric form of infant bloodletting has cost the lives of 60 million of our own progeny. I take the position they — all of them — had the same right to live as Mr. Abraham. If this be extremism, so be it. Abortion confronts us with an either/or proposition — to kill, or not to kill.

Nails on road


WATERLOO — There are some really mean people out there. For the last couple of years, Wren Road and Huntington Road have had hundreds of nails and screws thrown upon them. Last year, becoming tired of my tires always being low, I bought a new set. Two weeks later, I woke to a flat. I took it in, and guess what? I’d hit a nail. A short time later another low tire and yet another nail.

I didn’t think much since construction trucks bounce down this street everyday. Not long ago, my neighbors were out in the street. One had a magnet he was running over the street and upon it, hundreds of brand new nails and other sharp objects that had appeared overnight. The police were called and are aware of it. A couple of weeks ago when it was -25, my son got up to go to work. Both front tires were flat. You guessed it! Many of my neighbors have had punctured tires.

If the police find you, expect to be arrested and then sued in civil court. People bust their backs going to work and you must find this funny. So is being sued! Get a life!


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