Sedition is illegal


EVANSDALE — I am going to assume folks who search out the letters to the editor also stay up on current events. Whether a Trump hater or not, there have come to light facts that are not in question. Simply voicing your thoughts about the person who holds the office is not an issue, however, taking steps to a much higher level is.

Please take a moment and separate the person in office and the office itself. Several persons in very high positions have taken on themselves by using their authority to attack the presidency. The definition of sedition is defined as “by action or words attempting to undermine or remove a duly elected or appointed government.”

Where would these agents acquire the confidence that neither would their dirty deeds be uncovered but if brought to light the consequences would be minimal. With all that is known now, they still have their jobs. All being said this is not a Republican or Democrat problem. An attempted coup against an American institution is a terrible problem leading me to think what we don’t know would scare the heck out of all of us. Twenty years is the penalty. Gitmo has open suites.

Public schools


president, Waterloo Board of Education

WATERLOO — I am a member of the Waterloo Board of Education and a West High graduate. I am also the parent of one graduate and two current Waterloo schools students. Iowa has a proud history of great public schools. My children have thrived in the diverse, accepting, academically challenging, real-world environment of our district. As a taxpayer, it is imperative to me our public schools produce the best and brightest young people. When they succeed, many go on to live, work, shop and purchase homes here in the Cedar Valley. That’s why public education is a pillar of a strong community.

Public schools in Iowa serve all children who come to our doors, no matter their religion, ethnicity, socio-economic status, language spoken at home, or special need. Public schools serve more than 92 percent of our kids — and need the funding to keep doing so! Rep. Walt Rogers says any proposed legislation will be revenue-neutral, but if there is no tax increase to pay for these funds, the revenue could be taken from somewhere else — our public schools. Don’t let that happen. I believe the unique, positive role public education plays in our community deserves our continued funding and support.

Gas prices


WATERLOO — Gasoline prices are so much higher in central Iowa towns such as Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Denver, compared to cities in western Iowa.

I believe it’s greed. What else could it be?

Bikes on streets


EVANSDALE — I have driven for a car shop for years, and I have never seen a bike rider on the street ever obey the laws of the road. We have a lot of bike trails. If bikes want to be on the roads, obey the laws and have police do their job and ticket them.

I have to obey the laws of the road to drive; they can too.