WATERLOO — All these hurricanes are punishment for electing Donald Trump!

Do these delusional heretics and greedy grifters like Pat Robertson see how ridiculous they have sounded during the last eight years?

Anchor babies


GREENE — Now that President Trump has most everyone’s attention, asking Congress to eliminate DACA, I can see no better time to eliminate the “anchor baby” rules that allow any child born in the United States to be an automatic citizen, and, being a newborn, to be eligible for all medical attention.

I beg you to tell me what other nation in our wide, wide world allows a child born on its soil immediate citizenship in that country? That means any child born in the United Kingdom is a British citizen and a child born in Italy becomes an automatic Italian.

Tell me, please, if this isn’t one of the most stupid laws ever passed in this country.



WATERLOO — There has been much controversy lately about Confederate memorials.

While George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other leaders of that time did own slaves they always remained loyal to America. The Confederacy fought a war against America and was defeated by the Union. Our World War II memorials don’t have statues of Hitler or Hirohito. Our Vietnam War memorial does not have a statue of Ho Chi Minh. These were enemies America fought against. Many Southerners seem to still be in denial about losing the Civil War.

Most Confederate memorials were erected in the 20th century as an attempt to rewrite history and resist the civil rights movement.



WATERLOO — The rest of the world outside of Cedar Falls does just fine using traffic systems that include roundabout intersections.

I enjoy the new stoplight-free section of University Avenue that now includes roundabouts instead of frequent, irritating stop-and-go traffic lights. Even if roundabouts weren’t demonstrably safer they would still help avoid the long fuel- and time-wasting waits at red lights.

So, get over it and move on. Let’s hope the folks in Waterloo see the results in Cedar Falls (and elsewhere) and change their minds about using more roundabouts.



WATERLOO — I truly believe Kim Jung-un and Donald Trump are egomaniacs; their entire life goal is be the center of attention. If you put photos of them side by side you can see the need for approval. Kim does not have the free press to deal with; that’s why to Trump, who has a free press to deal with, it is fake news.

And, of course, Trump’s obsession with Vladimir Putin is the longing for power, and they both are prolific liars. Putin does not have a free press to deal with, and perceived opponents will be eliminated — Trump’s dream. That’s why Trump always uses “fake news” to smear the press, because they are free and do not fear the elimination Russians fear from Putin.



CEDAR FALLS — I was somewhat excited and shy about going to my first Cedar Falls Council meeting the other night.

However, after the final tally to keep the fireworks law intact but work on the details a bit, I was suddenly left in awe at the inhumanness of it all.

Several people, like myself, stated they suffered much trauma last Fourth of July from the explosion of large fireworks. One woman said she experienced nearly a week, day and night, of this and hadn’t slept for a week.

Even one of the council members related to us his experiences with post-traumatic stress syndrome from the war, from which he was still suffering, and how that over the Fourth the larger fireworks brought him right back into the battlefield again.

Reckless endangerment is a legal term that has been used quite successfully in our Iowa courts of law today.

Unfortunately, some people just don’t get it. Especially the Cedar Falls City Council.


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