Cable competition


WATERLOO — I think Waterloo would benefit immensely from another cable provider. We don’t have a fair choice.

Mediacom has no competition; therefore we are at their mercy. There are continued rate hikes along with extreme fee raises. This is an endless situation.

Give blood


WATERLOO — I received an early Christmas gift from some folks I don’t even know. On a recent trip to the hospital I was given two units of blood. It may have saved my life. At the very least it made it better.

I gave blood in earlier years (probably not as often as I could have). With a tight budget, it was something I could do for others and it didn’t cost a cent. I am so grateful to those of you who give blood, and I urge others to do so.

Someone you love, perhaps even yourself, may one day need this precious medicine. We pray it is there for you.

Great coaches


WATERLOO — Another great man passed away last week, a man who touched a lot of young people’s lives, along with those in his age group. Coach Gene Doyle was a real builder of young adults, a role model and a mentor. I didn’t go to Cedar Falls High but grew up in Cedar Falls, and he, along with Coach Pat Mitchell and coaches from my alma mater — coach Bergan, coach Berry, coach Klieman and coach Dutkowski — really did help form us into who we are today.

A coach really can be a teacher, a friend and a great mentor so as to mold young men into leaders for tomorrow. God bless you coach Doyle and Mitch along with coach Bergan, Klieman, Berry and Dutkowski. You have all touched my life and made me a better person. I am proud to call you friend, mentor and coach.

Backing Trump


CEDAR FALLS — I am writing in response to Bob Black’s letter to The Courier on Jan 18. He says Trump and his supporters are a “vile infection” that must be “removed … to save the body of this nation.” To that I plead guilty to being ‘infected’ with my right to vote for whom I so choose.

Two days before the 2016 election I wasn’t going to cast a vote for president given the two choices we had. I realized this would, in essence, be a vote for Hillary Clinton. Suffice it to say, I didn’t want to continue down our road to socialism. So, I voted for Trump. I am disheartened by many of his words and actions, but am willing to see it through.

I am sure Clinton is well versed regarding the Constitution compared to President Trump. That did not stop her from using the liberal elements of the media, FBI and DOJ (not to mention the Obama administration) to her advantage in trying to win the election.

Unfortunately, the left often sinks to name-calling when others don’t agree with them. I respect everyone’s right to express their opinion and can agree to disagree with anyone. Can you?



WATERLOO — The subject of abortion invokes passionate feelings. But can we agree on a few facts?

“It’s my body; it’s my choice” is sometimes used to justify abortion. Is the fetus growing inside the mother an extension of her body, like an appendix, or is it a separate person? What does science say about this question?

1) The fertilized egg from the moment of conception has its own DNA code that is distinctly different from the mother’s.

2) The baby’s blood type is often different than the mother’s.

3) The blood of the baby and the mother never mixes. The placenta transfers oxygen and nutrients from the mother’s cardiovascular system to the baby’s circulatory system and removes waste products.

4) Every prenatal baby has unique fingerprints that are distinctly different from the mother’s. Isn’t that one way law enforcement can identify one person from another?

The developing embryo is indeed a person who is distinctly separate from the mother. In 38 states a person can be charged with a double homicide for killing a pregnant woman.

The unborn child is a person and deserves the full protection of our laws so they can enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Chris Street


WATERLOO — As an avid Iowa basketball fan I was touched by the emotional tribute paid to Chris Street over the weekend. I can’t imagine the pain it brought to fans and friends of this Iowa icon. No parent should have to endure pain of this magnitude.

But as we celebrate Street’s life we also need to remember the pain and suffering of snow plow driver Charles Pence who was involved in the accident. It must be a living hell to be reminded of that fateful day in January. I hope somehow he has found peace in his life. Chris would have wanted it that way.

Nanny laws


SUMNER — We didn’t hear how many shots were fired into the man south of Nashua along U.S. Highway 218. Too often, they empty the magazine into such citizens. Police have a duty to get a dangerous driver off the road, but with all the official cars, I’d think they could have boxed him in so he couldn’t escape.

In another matter, regarding Greg Hutchings’ letter Jan. 21 saying more enforcement is needed by police to prevent crashes, the police have deviated away from that and went to enforcing the nanny laws like seat belts, tobacco compliance and possession laws. The latter are easier and less dangerous for them to enforce, and they get funding to do the latter but not the former.

The police should enforce laws on human actions that endanger, but get out of the nanny laws.

Thanks yous


WATERLOO — I am a senior who does not spend a lot of money. I am thankful to the honest hard-working people who show up for work daily and receive a paycheck, even when transportation, weather, family needs and job challenges arise.

I thank business owners who keep inventory available. I thank and pray for our emergency services servants. You are there with a smile. I hope you feel respect for yourself. You are a positive support for your family and community.