Vote for bond


board president

JANESVILLE — I am writing in support the Feb. 6 bond issue vote for the Janesville Consolidated School District. It will provide funds for the additions of pre-K, elementary, middle and high school classrooms, band room, regulation gymnasium, boiler replacement and elementary wing bathrooms — all desperately needed.

Since the completion of our last building project in 2007, JCSD enrollment has increased by 113 students. We have gained nine teachers in the last five years and have had to add three classrooms by splitting common areas into classrooms. Our high school Spanish class is taught in the weight room. Student small group learning sessions are held in the multipurpose gym or hallways.

Our community is growing with new housing additions bringing students to JCSD.

To reduce the tax impact on taxpayers, JCSD will reduce its tax rate in management and PPEL funds to keep the rate for the bond issue around $2.70 per thousand. However, we still must ask for the voter-approved bond of $4.05 per thousand to issue bonds for construction.

Parade meeting


WATERLOO — We are starting to review and plan for the Memorial Day Parade and program for 2018, and due to declining participation from both participants and spectators for the parade, we are debating on whether to continue this annual event.

We need your feedback to determine if we will continue. The Memorial Day Committee will meet at 6 p.m. Jan. 24 at Veterans Memorial Hall, and we request your opinions and recommendations on whether to plan a parade on Memorial Day. There will still be a ceremony to remember our fallen military heroes, but does the city of Waterloo want to have a parade to precede the ceremony?

If you are unable to attend, you may email me at or call me at 274-9296.

Righting a wrong


CEDAR FALLS — Why would Gov. Kim Reynolds admit the privatization of Medicaid is a huge loss for the state, saving only $41.7 million this fiscal year when ex-Gov. Terry Branstad declared the state would save $232 million this fiscal year? This issue is being reviewed by the new Medicaid director, who stated several areas were not taken into account. How can Reynolds support the change to privatize — an obviously bad decision — be proactive for it and not want to correct a horrible decision?

This horrific decision affects 600,000 disabled people who cannot advocate for themselves and are the most vulnerable. They are literally taking advantage of this decision to not correct a wrong, knowing it’s wrong is unconscionable and shows no moral conscience. This service, or lack of service, and funding makes Iowa one of the worse providers in the nation for taking care of the mentally disabled. Guess that’s a statistic to be proud of. Why would our governor know of a wrong that affects 600,000 citizens in the state of Iowa want to do absolutely nothing about it?

Misleading email


Cedar Valley Catholic Schools

WATERLOO — As the legislative session begins, there is some misleading e-mail and information circulating. Some would want you to believe all private schools are not accountable or held to the same level of accountability as public schools.

Not true. Cedar Valley Catholic School chooses to be held to the same criteria and standards as all public schools. Our accountability is directly tied to the state of Iowa’s Chapter 12 requirements and differentiated accountability reporting. We are monitored by the state and meet the school improvement requirements of all public schools.

So do not be misled. Without “mandate” we chose to be accredited and accountable to our students and our state.

This fact begs the question. If public schools were not “mandated” to participate in these accountable measures—-would they hold themselves to the same high standards some of us private schools do? We are glad CVCS has made this choice.

Column response


pastor emeritus (formerly ELCA)

WAVERLY — The Rev. Edgar Zelle is a friendly fellow, but I must take issue with a statement in his Jan. 9 column that “What one believes is not really important.” Faith (or belief) is the engine that drives how one lives.

For me, the Gospel of Mark includes Jesus’ words in Chapter 16:15 — “Go into all the world and preach the good news. He who has believed and has been baptized will be saved; but he who has disbelieved will be condemned.” This is meant to be a loving admonition for all who have ears to hear.