Janesville bond


JANESVILLE — On Feb. 6, the people of Janesville will be going to the polls to vote for a bond to make additions and improvements to our existing PK-12 grade school facilities. Janesville is a growing community, which is a good thing, and as people move to the area (which will happen with the sale of land west of town for up to 70-plus families) where are these kids supposed to go to school if we cannot provide a building to suit their needs?

Our facility is bursting at the seams and severely undersized for the kids we currently are educating. We have teachers holding classes in the hallways and even in renovated closets. We’ve split rooms in two and also are holding classes in the weight room and multi-purpose elementary gymnasium.

Stop in to the school any day and see for yourself. We need this bond to pass; this is the future of not only our kids and school but for our town as well. Please vote yes Feb. 6. There are absentee ballots available at co.bremer.ia.us if you are unable to make it in person.

More enforcement


CEDAR FALLS — Going 80 to 100 mph in a 45-mph zone. Sure, why not? The police are never around and usually don’t stop offenders anyway. This city is just full of people texting while driving, speeding, turning from the wrong lane, not stopping at stop signs and not using turn signals. No brake lights, no headlights, Harleys and trucks with no mufflers and so loud you can’t talk to a passenger in your car, but nobody pulls them over.

The city wants to spend millions of dollars building overpasses and dog bones to “make us safe on the road.” In my opinion all it would take is a by-the-book law enforcement department that has the initiative to earn their paycheck and do their job. Cedar Falls would be a lot safer, quieter and a whole lot wealthier city if traffic tickets would replace tax dollars as a source of income.

Rural ambulances


HUDSON — Iowa Code Chapter 539 requires townships to provide fire protection, cemetery maintenance and fence line disputes; there is not a requirement for EMS/ambulance services. Why should you care about this? Rural communities may call for an ambulance and wait 20 to 30 minutes for an ambulance when their own cannot respond.

Larger cities are finding themselves short an ambulance when needing to assist other cities with transports. How would I know? My family experienced this firsthand in 2016 when one responder was available on a Saturday morning. It takes two for a transport to occur. My husband is missed dearly.

Please urge your legislators to change this broken system by finding a way to fund EMS and make it an essential service. You, as citizens, deserve this care. Ambulance services across the state are on the verge of collapse, like Siouxland in western Iowa. You can find your legislator’s email address at www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/house. Please drop them an email or draft them a letter and ask them to make EMS an essential service in our state. This affects us all regardless of where you live or who you are. Thank you for taking the time to speak out.

Ticking bomb


WATERLOO — I care less about his language. President Trump is correct about what’s killing America’s immigration system. Plunking down the race card in opposition to Trump’s immigration views no longer wins the day. Americans of all ethnic backgrounds are getting wise to the dangers posed by America’s suicidal “come one, come all” approach to immigration. Rabid denials notwithstanding, demography determines destiny. America is importing disproportionate numbers of unskilled, low-wage earners, often with severely limited educational backgrounds. Des Moines schools must deal with more than 100 different languages used by foreign arrivals attending its schools.

A true modern example of the tower of Babel. Who foots that bill? Seven in 10 foreigners currently crowding our federal prison system are Mexican nationals. Who’s stuck with the tab? One-third of El Salvador’s population fled here for “temporary” status due to earthquakes — 15 years ago. Low-wage, low-skilled immigrants are a ticking time bomb for America’s economic future. Trump calls for an end to chain migration and the “pick-a-country-out-of-the-hat” random lottery visas. Thank you! We’d best get smarter with regard to who enters our country, and soon, or hand future generations a Third World legacy, for which they will forever, and justifiably, curse us. Wake up, folks.

Agenda first


WATERLOO — Treasonist Trump is just absolutely horrible. The words that come out of that big fat mouth are unbelievable. No other president would ever have been able to stay in office who does and says the things he does. Then, what is so unbelievable is that many of his supporters are so called “Christians.” How can that possibly be?

They’re not Christians — they’re racist pigs.

Sadly the Republicans want their agenda fulfilled first no matter what . That’s who they are.

Voter ID


CEDAR FALLS — So it is discriminating to minorities and the low income to show an ID in order to vote? Why would that be? I came from Florida, and we had to show a picture ID. What’s the big deal? Less fraud.

You have a driver’s license, some may have passports. But for the ones that don’t, guess what? You can actually obtain a photo ID by going to the DOT (where one can obtain a driver’s license) and simply get a photo ID. People that don’t drive have photo IDs for various reasons. So tell me please, what’s the big deal?