VA concerns


WATERLOO – It seems a doctor who had his license revoked in Wyoming has been hired and was practicing illegally at the VA Hospital in Iowa City. How so? Why? Any results from our senators in their investigations? Thanks, vets. Go to Des Moines VA.

Clayson’s wisdom


WATERLOO – I was so excited to read the two columns written on the front of the Opinion section of the newspaper Dec. 24.

On the left side of the paper was Gary Kroeger’s, headlined “A Family’s Treasured Christmas Memory.” It turned out to be his friend’s sex change. He had been born a man in God’s image. Now he is a woman. How exciting — yawn. And politically correct.

Then I read Dennis Clayson’s column on the right side, headlined “Remember the Reason to Celebrate Christmas.” Dennis is not only intelligent but has common sense unlike the radical liberals who can’t understand him. They’re so brainwashed by our government and the press. They have no discernment when they read and hear the news. It is fake news and has been way before President Trump named it.

Dennis wrote about the birth of our Savior and his purpose for coming to Earth. This was so refreshing in this day and age when even our government is leading us into an old-fashioned word called sin. No one has any shame any more. They are proud of their sin. But God loves humble — not the proud.

Dennis, keep writing the truth. I pray the unintelligent ones from the radical left never get you down.

I feel sorry for Gary’s family.

Education is key


WATERLOO — Education is key to unlocking the future for our youths, but rising prices and income disparities prevent many parents from giving their children the learning environment they desire. Private schools in Iowa continue to balance the need to offer livable wages to teachers while keeping the lights on and tuition affordable for all.

Removing burdensome financial barriers is important to allowing parents to participate in school choice and can be accomplished through programs like Education Savings Accounts. ESAs help parents pay for private tuition, tutors or supplemental classes. In Iowa, it’s important all parents have equal access to providing an education for their children.

Our future is brightest when every child has the opportunity to learn in the environment that best meets their needs, thus I support school choice for parents in Iowa and urge Iowa lawmakers to address parental choice in education this coming session.

Trump resolutions


CEDAR FALLS — To Fred Abraham: I agree with your New Year’s resolutions for Trump, but do you realize if he was to put all of these into practice, that there wouldn’t be a single word coming out of the White House? Oh wait! Now I get it!

Don’t ruin Ridgeway


WATERLOO — Ridgeway Avenue commuters: Oh-oh, single file each way on Ridgeway between one block west of Kimball all the way to U.S. Highway 63, with a left-turn only center lane the same distance.

While the city sees Ridgeway as a “minor arterial roadway” most commuters would disagree and consider it a “major cross-town thoroughfare.” How the city arrived at the conclusion concerning this particular lane re-configuration would take more space than available in this letter. Suffice it to say that while the city considers the roadway to be particularly unsafe, statistically it would not appear to be any more unsafe than any other major artery. The city’s justifications for this lane reconfiguration are difficult to accept.

The City Council has given its initial approval, but the project has not yet started. It’s not too late to stop it and at least have the council take a second look. Perhaps there are other alternatives to making Ridgeway Avenue safer without diminishing travel time. As an example of a three-lane reconfiguration, take a drive on Lafayette from 11th Street to Zuma. Ask yourself, “Would this lane configuration be best for Ridgeway?” Contact your City Council member and express your feelings and thoughts.

A horrific example

KENT GUILD WATERLOO — In response to Janice Nolting’s letter of Dec. 31 with her personal, horrific, brave and courageous example of sexual abuse and harassment, as a former facilitator of a Batterer’s Education Program, I concur with your assessment. When any person uses power and control over another person, sexual, physical, emotional or psychological abuse will occur. It is wrong, illegal and damaging to society. I believe we agree.

The point of my letter about the #MeToo movement was it has expanded beyond sexual, physical, emotional or psychological abuse with your example as a horrific explanation point. Many years ago, Al Franken kissed an actress in a skit (a kiss that was planned) more aggressively than the actress expected. Now she calls it an example of the #MeToo movement. Is it? Additionally, he has a picture, which is crass and not funny, taken with his hands hovering over a woman’s breasts with many layers of clothes on. Is it really an example of the #MeToo movement?

Thank you, Janice Nolting. My examples involved kisses and hugs. I guess I have not committed sexual, physical, emotional or psychological abuse. But with the extension of the #MeToo movement beyond abuse, I’m still confused.

Budget priorities


WATERLOO — Once again there seems a possibility of cuts or claw backs to the regents’ budget. While I have no problem with the regents institutions justifying expenditures, I have a problem with across-the-board cuts. Last year Apple was awarded $208 million in state money for a data center in Iowa. Legislators, especially Republicans, what the H happened to free enterprise?

I remember the screams of anger when GM and Chrysler were saved by government loans. Where is the rage when a company with the largest cash reserve extorts $208 million from Iowa!

It used to be companies partnered with their communities. Waterloo Vocational Tech, forerunner of Hawkeye Tech, was formed by a partnership with Waterloo Schools and community manufacturers and industries. The Walker building, now children’s theater, I believe was its first home. These types of partnerships enhanced the community and the education of our citizens and provided skilled employees. One only need to look at Hawkeye Tech and its growth to see what a value that investment has been.

Unfortunately all companies — even profitable companies — seem to have a hand out instead of offering a hand up. Doesn’t corporate butt kissing get old?


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