Nunes memo


CEDAR FALLS — On the Friday after the release of the Nunes memo, President Trump said, “I think it’s a disgrace. A lot of people should be ashamed of themselves.”

I agree. It is a disgrace no one in the Trump campaign notified the FBI that Russia was trying to meddle in our elections. A lot of people in the Trump campaign should be ashamed of themselves.

God and football


PARKERSBURG — On Super Bowl Sunday, the nation watched an underdog team pull off what some are calling a near miraculous win.

But what impressed me is what was said in the post-game interviews. When asked how his team won, the Philadelphia head coach said, “First, I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” Then two key players said they had played for the glory of God.

Then, former Indianapolis Colts’ coach and sports commentator Tony Dungy, a born-again Christian, said Nick Foles, the Eagles’ quarterback, had told him several months earlier he believed God had opened the door for him to become the replacement for their ailing star quarterback.

All of this caused me to think of a verse in Scripture, Isaiah 40:31: “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagle.”

Good job, Eagles! And thank you for your personal testimonies. I believe God was watching.

Replace King


NEW HARTFORD — I learned about our system of government from my sixth-grade social studies teacher. I was made aware of the three equal branches of government and the system of checks and balances that gave each body an independent role in governance. In writing the Constitution, our forefathers created the House of Representatives to be the legislative body that is supposed to interact most closely with the people they represent.

Unfortunately, whether it is indifference or an unwillingness to respond to differing points of view, my representative, Steve King, has been impossible to communicate with. He refuses to hold town hall meetings, he does not respond to my phone calls to his district offices and his voice mail box in Washington, D.C., is always full.

It is time to replace this ineffective member of the House whose only form of communication seems to be a series of offensive tweets. I would prefer we elect a responsible Democrat, but I could live with a less embarrassing Republican.

Although he carries a copy of the Constitution in his breast pocket, I have seen no evidence he understands it. Mr. King would have learned a lot from Miss Ida Fleming.

That’s right


WATERLOO — Something a little different. Many letters on here talk about issues people voice their opinions on, whether good or bad. I thought (if the editor prints this) that I would try a different approach. So, say you’re an assembly person, assembling a right part and a left part. In all actuality, do you only have one left part and one right part? Well if you’re installing the left part, the other part is still left isn’t it? So now you actually have two left parts! But, if you’re installing the left part on the left side, you are actually installing the right part and since you’ve also got a right part for the right side, well now you’ve got two right parts and two left parts. So think about this, if you’ve now got two right parts and two left parts, don’t you also have four right parts? But if you use one of those two left parts, there are still three left parts for a total of four left parts. Do you see where this is leading to? In all actuality you’ve got a endless supply of left or right parts?

Well, now I’m confused.

School choice


WATERLOO — Recently, the Cedar Falls School Board approved a resolution opposing “structural changes to the public school funding formula.” As a supporter of education, I would like to offer this opinion: Nonpublic schools are sometimes a better choice for families. Nonpublic schools are required to go through a strict accreditation process, are held accountable by their stakeholders and serve students from every background including high numbers of ELL and special needs children.

Many families cannot make any choice besides public schools due to inadequate financial resources. This does not have to be the case. Proposed Education Savings Accounts are a tool that enables parents who cannot afford nonpublic schooling the ability to enroll their students.

Low-income families do not have a choice in education besides their local public school, yet they pay taxes to local and state governments. They contribute to the local option sales taxes, which help build public schools. Yet they are not eligible to receive funds to go to a school of their choice. Iowa has a good public school system. Consider how it could improve if we allow competition.

When a bill comes forward, I encourage my legislators to support school choice for every Iowa family.

Taking credit


CEDAR FALLS — Right now, the national economy seems strong. Donald Trump has been scrambling to take credit.

Morality attacked


WATERLOO — We must never close our eyes to the fact yesterday’s communists and present-day communists are joining radical Islam. Their plan is to subvert and defeat Western civilization and its Christian influence. Keep in mind that Slavoj Zizek (present day communist) is now considered a “world-renowned philosopher, sociologist, and psychologist.” Zizek openly admits he “is a Leninist.” The leftist media, of course, now considers Zizek “an intellectual rock star.”

Christianity and Christian morality are under increased attack in this country. Europe has nearly given up any semblance of its Christian roots. Christian churches are empty while Muslim mosques are full. Any surprise there have been Islamic jihad attacks? What we see should alert us to a situation that will have far-reaching implications. So thankful Donald Trump is in the White House.


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