Trump nominee


CEDAR FALLS — Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by our own Senator Grassley and all the other Republican members, voted to recommend the approval of a Trump nominee who has no trial experience for a lifetime appointment to a federal court in Alabama.

It would seem Bruce Braley was right when he said it would be wrong to put a farmer in charge of the Judiciary Committee.

Family caregivers


WATERLOO — November is National Family Caregivers Month, and North Star Community Services, including Newel Post Senior Adult Day Services, would like to share our heartfelt gratitude for the countless family caregivers who put the needs of loved ones before their own. Nearly one-third of all Americans are a caregiver for someone. They could be providing care for a child with a disability, a family member with a brain injury, an elderly neighbor or a parent with Alzheimer’s. It might be part-time or “24/7” care, a few years or even a lifetime, but these caregivers provide 80 percent of long-term care in our country.

Caregivers exemplify the spirit of compassion and dedication by providing support to their loved ones, assisting them with everyday activities and special requirements. Being a caregiver isn’t easy, and we recognize how challenging, emotionally draining and thankless it can be. But you are invaluable, and your care and support are the main reason your loved one can maintain as much independence and health as possible. Caregivers are truly unsung heroes and deserve to be thanked, supported and celebrated not only in November, but all year long. Thank you.

Cop favoritism


SUMNER — In the Oct. 24 Courier, a man got 10 years in prison for shooting another man who had “threatened to kill him.” Several years ago, another man got life in prison for shooting a man who attacked him. I would not have convicted them if I’d been on the jury. Both sound like self-defense. If these two had been police officers, they’d have gotten paid vacations.

A cop in Des Moines shot a man for the way he looked. In the Oct. 20 Courier was a story that a drug agent shot at a man because he was trying to hide evidence. Any citizen shooting another person for such lame excuses would be convicted. We’d have to be idiots to believe prosecutors and judges don’t give favoritism to police.

Who are you?


SUMNER — America, who are you? You have made grave mistakes in the past in how you treated others different from you, but the hypocrisy screamed to you, and you made changes to right those wrongs. All sides must move forward from that, not forgetting, but leaving it in the past where it truly belongs.

America, who are you? Is diversity your strength, or unity from your equal status as Americans? Do you put your pursuit of dollars and fame above your duty as a father, mother, spouse or friend? Do you think for yourself or do you blindly follow a political party or news media outlet telling you what and how you should believe?

America, who are you? Are you a hypocrite? Do your everyday actions line up with the words that so freely come out of your mouth and the tips of your fingers? Do you attempt to love your neighboring American despite their differences, or do you find it easier to criticize and condemn, never taking a moment to look in the mirror instead? “A nation divided against itself will fall.”

America, will you fall? You alone have that answer.


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