Airline decision


WATERLOO — I was very disappointed to learn the Waterloo Airport Board decided to go with United rather than American for the next two-year contract. I attended one of the meetings that was held to give input and was told business was up significantly in the past two years and most of the input received from customers was to keep American.

Yet they said there were issues with delays and cancellations with American and seemed to already be justifying a decision to go with United. I fly several times a year and have not personally experienced any problems. My biggest concern is the tickets, however. United is consistently and significantly more costly than American. If I can get cheaper flights by going to Cedar Rapids I will drive there as I did in the past when Northwest was more expensive out of Waterloo. I’m sure others will too. Checking a ticket price from Waterloo to New York City for a date in December, American was $370. Out of Cedar Rapids American was $488, United was $526.

The newspaper article said Waterloo had outgrown American. Since American flies to NYC, Chicago, etc., how could little Waterloo have “outgrown” it?

North Korea


LA PORTE CITY — USS Pueblo (AGER-2) is a banner-class environmental research ship, attached to Navy intelligence as a spy ship, which was attacked and captured by North Korean forces Jan. 23, 1968, in what is known today as the “Pueblo incident.” What your so-called president won’t tell you is the “little Rocket Man” holds his currently commissioned U.S. Navy ship in North Korea and uses it as a public propaganda display.

When will you be taking back our ship? This Marine veteran (’70-’74) is not holding his breath.

Bike Park


CEDAR FALLS — Cedar Falls recently opened the Tondro Pray Bike Park at the former Fourth Avenue area. It’s commendable the unit was named for the original white landowners, but you forgot Boone.

Tondro and Pray filed the plat Dec. 18, 1863, and George Boone joined in the endeavour Dec. 25, 1863. They sold a dozen lots to C.B. Stilson in 1879 for the back taxes of 1868 through 1875. Eventually one lot filtered down to me.

I had pleasure living on Fourth Avenue for 18 years. (Our shotgun wedding at The Red House Road Park on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Logan Street, was the “most funnest wedding” I’ve ever attended.)

Fourth Avenue life was much better than our five years in “South Cedar” on South Main Street, where the city woefully and thoroughly dropped the ball enforcing yard-police citations and Cedar Falls code violations, resulting in our home’s resale value dropping precipitately. After five years we jumped on the chance to get back across the river, where we now enjoy life.

As for the bike doings, you could spray-paint Boone on the lovely Dump Road sign.


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