Tax reforms


DECORAH — As the CFO of a growing business with 300 employees, I write to express my support for the tax reforms now under consideration in Washington.

The most important pieces for us are the cuts in corporate and business taxes. We are in a business that requires large investments in heavy equipment, so allowing us to immediately expense those investments will allow us to buy more equipment. That means we can hire more people and the equipment manufacturers and their suppliers will hire more as well.

Like most businesses our size, we plow almost all of our profits back into the business. So, the corporate cuts proposed will greatly benefit as well with faster expansions and capital projects.

I understand critics say it will cost more than a trillion dollars. But what will it really cost if American companies repatriate the trillions they have sitting off shore and put that capital to work here? And perhaps more importantly, what will it cost if we don’t make our business taxes competitive with the rest of the industrialized world?

Permit me to commend Congressman Rod Blum. He understands Americans can spend and invest their money far better than Washington can spend.

Traffic cameras


ELK RUN HEIGHTS — Will the traffic violations records cited by camera be turned into the state? If so, this can affect insurance rates, etc.

Cedar Rapids speed camera violations do not go to the Iowa Department of Transportation. This can make a big difference as to acceptance by the public.

Editor’s Note: As we have reported, these are civil citations, not criminal citations, so they do not go on your driving record.



WATERLOO — Responsible societies traditionally develop a “safety net” for fellow citizens whom are inherently mentally/physically disabled, innately disadvantaged or otherwise inarguably incapable of providing for their own most basic needs.

Fortunately in America, there are not 155 million such folks. Yet 47 percent pay zero income tax. American citizens have absolutely zero responsibility to subsidize American corporations. Individual responsibilities end with being the most honest, productive and responsible employees possible. The responsibility for developing and administering a tax system — fair, equitable and above reproach — rests squarely with those elected to represent citizens. As one, I am damned tired of congressional deceit, half truths and financial abuse.

Pandering, spineless politicians (exception, Grassley) clamor incessantly about “middle class,” while deceitfully endeavoring to impose additional tax responsibilities on said 53 percent by abolishing deductions, while providing zero transparent dialogue on “net tax effects” anywhere.

Congress needs a spending liposuction, a lobotomy and truth lessons. Taxpayers need a drastically different D.C. paradigm.


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