POTUS thoughts


WATERLOO -- Methinks anyone running for POTUS (president of the United States) in the future must have had at least four years of serious business experience. Remember Ross Perot, a presidential candidate and a prominent business man in 1992?

It would have been very interesting had he won ...

Youth concussions


CEDAR FALLS -- Over the past several months, I have been conducting pre- and post-season concussion assessments with youth athletes as part of my on-going concussion research at the University of Northern Iowa. I thank all the parents and their children for participating. I was very impressed with the community support and equally so with how parents found time in their busy schedules to involve their child. Moreover, I thank Amanda Stack, of Cedar Falls Youth Tackle Football, and Elias Riley, of USA Mat Club in Cedar Falls, two outstanding and dedicated individuals involved with area youth sports.

The youth concussion project continues and I anticipate growth over time. It is vital we develop, test and further refine valid and reliable instruments that can enhance our ability to recognize those who may have sustained a head injury resulting in concussion.

Athiest column


WATERLOO -- Regarding Justin Scott's request to honor atheists on Veterans Day (Nov. 10), I find it misplaced. Everyone in the military is free to follow their own beliefs. Sponsors of veterans' activities should be free to decide what they want to include. As a Lutheran I have attended veterans' ceremonies at Blessed Sacrament and Columbus High School. I did not feel obligated to request they change their ceremony for my religion. They were honoring veterans, not simply Catholic veterans.

I would suggest if you wish to have an atheist-centered ceremony, you organize one. Most civil sponsored celebrations have a nondenominational prayer. I assume you would object to that. My other question would be are you a veteran or simply stirring things up? Anyone objecting to a Veterans Day celebration need only walk away, or maybe take a knee during the anthem and you will be asked to leave.

Grassley actions


WATERLOO -- I have been embarrassed by Chuck Grassley innumerable times. He's looked us in the eye and lied more often than he told the truth about health care, taxes and other important issues. He has aided and abetted his fellow Republicans as they stood in the way of Supreme Court nominees and blocked needed legislation to the point of ridiculousness, and at the expense of veterans, students, elderly, disabled and so many other groups it would be impossible to list them all here.

Currently, he's doing his best to obstruct justice again by getting in the way of legitimate investigations into Russia, Trump and his associates. The other day I saw a shining example of his callous attitude toward women. When he and his buddies were bragging about their new tax cuts for the rich, the reporters asked for their thoughts about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and the accusations he sexually abused a 14-year-old girl. Grassley and his Republican colleagues laughed, refusing to answer. They actually taunted the journalists when they continued asking questions.

None of them are qualified to represent us if they think that’s a joking matter. I hope we all vote accordingly.


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