Gun violence


WATERLOO -- The suggestion those calling for action against gun violence is disrespectful to the dead is disgraceful. The real disrespect shown to our many dead is the dereliction of duty our so-called leaders have engaged in on this subject. The first duty of our leaders is to the health and safety of Americans. Instead, they have chosen to allow the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

They have allowed their purchase by the criminal and mentally ill and by individuals on a national no-fly list. It is not enough that our country has been turned into a shooting gallery. Now we have to be silent. Now we have just to shut up and take it. Now the price of freedom is kindergartners being turned into pulp.

If you believe that, then your heart is simply a muscle and you have no love in it. Our leaders have put AR-15s ahead of our children. It is un-American, un-Christian and inhumane. A country that embraces death will die. We are dying, with every American lost to another mass shooting. I am dying. I will not be silent.

Gun control


CEDAR FALLS -- So many tragedies for so long involving guns. It seems to be focused on gun control and not mental health issues. People that want to harm will always find a way to obtain a gun to hurt, maim and kill people. The focus needs to be on helping the mentally ill. So many services have been taken away from the individuals, people who cannot advocate for themselves.

Iowa ranks last in the nation for providing for the mentally disabled. This speaks volumes about the representatives of our state. This needs to be changed, not just talked about and dismissed. Money, greed and priorities seem to be main concern of the politicians. No conscience, no concern for the for mentally disabled. The time and energy focused on gun control needs to be spent on providing appropriate service for the mentally where funds have been eliminated.

CF election


CEDAR FALLS -- Daryl Kruse, president and legislative chairman of Landlords of Iowa, won the Ward 3 City Council seat in Cedar Falls. Kruse has now curtailed any legislative influence he may have previously had over future rental/landlord issues in Cedar Falls. As a city council member, Kruse cannot sway local municipal legislation in favor of landlords because of Cedar Falls conflicts of interest bylaws. Sec. 2-93: “Each council member who is present when a question is stated from the chair of the council shall vote thereon unless he/she is directly interested in the question, in which case he/she shall not vote.”

Any current or prior affiliations with Landlords of Iowa would be a conflict of interest on future municipal legislation involving rental/landlord issues in Cedar Falls. Kruse will have to recuse himself from any committees or votes involving rental/landlord issues. Mayor Brown, council members and the public should be a watchdog to ensure he recuses himself from all these situations because as the city code clearly states.


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