Traer referendum


vice president of operations, Alliant Energy

TRAER — Alliant Energy has proudly served Traer for more than 50 years with reliable service, reasonable rates and an impeccable safety record. Our well-trained gas crew with 130 years of combined experience knows Traer’s natural gas system better than anyone else. We’ve never had a major gas outage in Traer.

Alliant Energy customers have seen their gas bill go down every year for five years. There isn’t a whole lot you’ve paid for over the last five years where the quality has gone up as the price has gone down.

We want to keep money in Traer too, but we want to keep it in your wallet.

Speaking of prices, there’s no guarantee forming a municipal gas utility will lower your monthly gas bill. Homeowners in Alton and Mapleton, the last two towns to municipalize, pay 15 percent to 40 percent more than Traer residents for natural gas.

If this passes, there won’t be a second vote. So voters in Traer need to take this final opportunity to vote no to municipalization and send a message that you want to keep Alliant Energy’s safe and reliable service in Traer.

Football playoffs


WATERLOO — My son and I traveled to Iowa City West on Friday to watch Cedar Falls play the Trojans. Unfortunately Cedar Falls never had a chance to win the game way before it even started. The referees called Cedar Falls for as many as a dozen penalties, but the Trojans didn’t get one penalty. It was obvious on several occasions the officials were on Iowa City’s side, because everyone but the refs saw one obvious late hit, and later one of the Trojans was beating on a Cedar Falls player while he was on the ground and it never got called by the refs.

As soon as the game ended the refs ran out of the stadium as fast as they could. Congratulations Cedar Falls. You played your hearts out without ever having a chance to win in the first place.



CEDAR FALLS — The other day I was at Aldi’s and I needed to go to Earl May’s, so I drove out to the service road and turned left; drove to the corner and turned left. Then I had to wait for four cars coming off the service road through Famous Dave’s parking lot in order for me to have room to drive through Famous Dave’s parking lot to get back out onto the service road.

If you think I made this up, check it out. Imagine paying a company thousands of taxpayer dollars to design a road that takes you through a business parking lot to get back onto the service road. Try to figure that one out. It was approved by the City Council.

Be sure to vote before they spend more than a million dollars on two roundabouts on Main Street and a double roundabout at Highway 58 and University. We need a council that will listen to the people and has a little common sense.


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