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Social Security


DUMONT — Paul Ryan thinks Social Security is an entitlement. It is not.

I think the people of the United States better wake up and call or write their representatives in Congress and tell them to leave Social Security alone or they can and will be voted out.

If Congress would pay back all the money they took out of Social Security to fight all of the so-called wars from Vietnam to present, Social Security wouldn’t be in the fix it is in.

Moore column


WATERLOO — I object to the column written by Stephen Moore (March 21). I vigorously disagree with his scorn of government and scorn for regulation of any type.

Moore has been a lifelong lobbyist for Heritage Foundation and Freedom Works, so his views will hold strictly to those organizations. But what is most disturbing is Moore is being paid to lobby for those views, right or wrong. Columnists should not be paid by a lobbying group. Find a columnist who is conservative and you pay them.

Editor’s Note: Moore is a syndicated columnist whose columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate.

Farm workers


WATERLOO — Whether you grew up on a farm or in the city, everyone knows farm workers who pick fruits and vegetables work long hours doing hard labor, often in tough working conditions and for low pay. In 2010 a group of farm workers organized to form the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. They developed the Fair Food Program, which includes a code of conduct for food buyers to ensure fair treatment of farm workers.

They also asked restaurant chains to add an additional 1 cent per pound of tomatoes picked to the wages of farm workers. Thus far, every major fast food company except Wendy’s has signed on to the FFP. Wendy’s is now reportedly buying their tomatoes from Mexico instead.

It’s almost unbelievable Wendy’s refuses to pay one penny more per pound of tomatoes picked to people engaged in back-breaking work.

Climate deniers


JESUP — One has to wonder if there is any evidence that would convince climate science deniers or climate agnostics that the world is warming and man’s emissions of carbon dioxide is a major cause. Would the vast amounts of data that have been accumulated by multiple agencies and university scientists that show the earth is warming rapidly convince them?

Will deniers be convinced by multiple years in the last decade having not only warmer-than-normal weather, but temperatures that are higher now than at any time in the history of modern civilization? What if NASA satellite data showed sea levels are rising and the rate of rise is accelerating?

Would they be convinced if the findings of Swedish physicist Svante Arrhenius in 1896 that man’s emissions of carbon can cause global warming were supported by almost all scientists since then? How about the findings ranges of many plant and animal species that have no political agenda have shifted rapidly during the past decades?

Finally, when someone of the stature of Stephen Hawking warns that global warming will have severe consequences and must be reversed, will climate deniers and agnostics take notice?


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