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Gary’s boys


CEDAR FALLS — This letter is in response to a letter written by June Ann Doan in the Jan. 7 Courier. As the grandmother of Gary Kroeger’s sons, I’d like to attest to their upbringing as being highly successful. It’s not just their relatives saying positive things. Their teachers and friends have also had many good things to say about them.

One teacher called Gary last spring to tell him how much she had enjoyed having him in her class. She emphasized his respect for other students.

In this day and age of bullying, these two boys stand up for classmates who are being bullied. I might add that they have been taught about Jesus and his teachings. Please don’t worry about Gary’s boys. There are many other children out there who could use your concern and help.

Home picket


WATERLOO — An organized political picket at Bill Dix’s home in Shell Rock! That is just wrong.

Pickets and other forms of protests are clearly a right we have to show our support or unhappiness for a political issue. Legislators need and expect many kinds of inputs from the citizens. Sen. Bill Dix has an office at the Statehouse and is available in local public places. That is the place for them. Not at his family home.

Iowa has a history of excellent government due to many good people from both political parties that step forward. Attacking their homes and families will make it even more difficult to get good people to run in the future.

I hope this does not set a precedence for voicing our political positions in the future. Leave the protests for the Statehouse or other public places. Taking them to our homes and families is about as opposite of “Iowa Nice” as I can imagine.

Grassley actions


CEDAR FALLS — It is disturbing to find Iowa’s Sen. Grassley has joined the Republican effort to downplay Russian interference with our 2016 presidential election. After a year of investigation, the only action Grassley has taken is to refer Christopher Steele to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution. Steele is a respected British former intelligence agent who became so concerned Russia was in a position to blackmail one of our presidential candidates he reported his findings to the FBI.

Republicans have tried to claim the Steele dossier was commissioned by the Clinton campaign and it was the reason the FBI began its investigation. The Senate Judiciary Committee took more than 10 hours of testimony from Glenn Simpson, head of Fusion GPS, the organization that hired Christopher Steele. Chairman Grassley then refused to release the transcripts of that testimony even though he knew they would show the FBI was investigating Russian interference in our election before Steele contacted them. Fortunately, Sen. Dianne Feinstein decided to release the transcripts since Grassley would not. It is hard to understand why Grassley does not care about Russian meddling in our elections.


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