Honor Flight


WATERLOO — I was privileged to go on the Oct. 10 Honor Flight from Waterloo. This proved to be an exceptional trip for me and the 116 other veterans. An experience I will never forget. I extend my heartfelt thanks to the Sullivan-Hartogh-Davis American Legion Post 730 members and all the rest of the contributors who made this flight possible.

I also wish to thank all the citizens who took the time to come out to the airport to welcome us back. I will never forget the awesome and sincere welcome we received from so many that evening. Men, women and children of all ages were in that crowd, which I am sure filled the airport terminal. May God bless all of you.

Mass murder


WAVERLY — Today, many members of the legislative and the executive branches of our government are determined to do away with the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. If successful, such enactments would leave mega-millions without the necessary incomes to be able to pay for medical attention. This would be immortality at its zenith; for out of the millions, each year thousands would die without aid or assistance.

Those representatives would then be responsible for the evil of mass murder. Do these people know better? Logic affirms they certainly must; for they did not get to where they are by innocence alone.

Waterloo council


WATERLOO — After watching the pointed exchange at the Oct. 9 Waterloo City Council meeting regarding the Ansborough/Shaulis issue, I reviewed the Oct. 2 meeting.

Legitimate points were voiced by Councilmen Tom Lind, Tom Powers, Bruce Jacobs and Ron Welper. Councilman Steve Schmitt tactfully asked a couple of additional questions I had as well. The engineer, Mohammad Elahi, responded, succinctly explaining his rationale regarding his recommendation. His comments satisfied me and seemed to satisfy Councilman Schmitt.

I believe at the Oct. 9 meeting, Mr. Schmitt was unduly attacked by Councilman Powers and by Mayor Quentin Hart. Further, the mayor allowed Jeff Freshwater a prolonged personal attack at an inappropriate time in the agenda.

Health insurance


CEDAR FALLS — Washington is embroiled in a quagmire whether to replace the Affordable Care Act. Around the country there is public outcry about the rising cost of health insurance. The rancor seems primarily directed toward health insurance companies and their purported focus on profit.

Certainly there are numerous issues with insurance, but isn’t insurance primarily a reactionary rather than a causal force? When contributing factors of health care delivery cost escalate, the cost of insurance escalates. Thus, if mounting health care costs are the problem, why are we so focused on insurance? Can any insurance program possibly provide satisfactory coverage for health care service costs that have rocketed completely out of control. National health expenditures now exceed $3 trillion annually, or a whopping $10,000 for each man, woman and child. What insurance program could possibly satisfy this circumstance at a premium we can collectively afford?

Adding insult to injury, while we lead the world in spending, we lag behind other developed countries in health outcomes. If we fail to address the real causes of this conundrum, and its inherent deficiencies, we will suffocate in what amounts to insurance quicksand.


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