Iowa Medicaid


CEDAR FALLS — Iowa’s Department of Human Services Director Jerry Foxhoven said in a Des Moines Register article recently the Iowa Medicaid program has high levels of customer satisfaction. We would like to see the survey given and the evidence of who replied, because we are NOT satisfied. In fact, our daughter is potentially in danger because of a recent quick DHS requirement that agencies increase home alone time for consumers who receive 24-hour services.

As of Dec. 1, our daughter and her roommates will be home alone for most weekdays. This could endanger our daughter because of her lack of judgment to determine what is safe and what is not, and because of her need for a healthy diet and exercise to control a circulatory problem. This may cut DHS costs, but it puts many vulnerable Iowans in jeopardy.

No, we are not satisfied. And we hope other parents/guardians/family members of people on Iowa Medicaid who are not satisfied will tell DHS and the governor their dissatisfaction. Email them or call: Iowa DHS Director Jerry Foxhoven:, (515) 281-5452; Governor’s office: (515) 281-5211 or register your opinion at:

Paper ballots


DENVER — It has been confirmed Russia interfered with the election in 2016. Russia interfered in the election, affecting 20 states. Iowa was one of them.

There has been little explanation as to how the Russians interfered, but there were many problems with the electronic voting machines used in other states. Is this how they interfered in our right to vote?

May I suggest, that in order for voters to be respected enough to expect their vote to count, that we use paper ballots, witnessed while counting votes at each voting site, by sworn in volunteers, with a penalty of up to life in prison for any wrongdoing in tallying votes, to assure voters in Iowa are truly represented and their vote is counted.

Election fraud is a very serious problem. Are you sure your vote was counted? Or was it flipped on an electronic voting machine? Perhaps programmed by another country hostile to the USA?

Iowans, we must fix this now. We deserve to be treated fairly, we fund our government. Elected officials must fix this. If not, vote for their challenger next election.

We need new, younger people representing us. Out with the old, in with the new.

What would Jesus do?


TRIPOLI – Edna Brunkhorst states the federal government is giving $500 million every year for abortions, which is not the truth. Republican Congress investigated and “found no” evidence. Planned Parenthood provides general health and wellness, STD testing, pregnancy, birth control, family planning to women, teens and men. These are patients who don’t have good health insurance or income.

Our health care system is for profit and privileged with highest cost, adult and infant deaths. Brunkhorst and prayerful (Christian) group fit the privileged and wealthy who are “bragging” about denying the poor health care.

“What would Jesus do?” Heal the sick, poor. What is a Christian? Brunkhorst has Medicare-excellent health care. She isn’t “denied or stopped” access to any doctor, clinic plus wealth for her needs. “Blessed are the poor.” Brunkhorst and this prayerful (Christian) group start standing up for “Medicare For All.”

Taxpayers spend 47 cents for war, 17 cents for bombs made of phosphorus, which causes women miscarriages and children deformities. Pray to “stop” United States continued wars. Afghanistan war $1.25 trillion.