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Dichotomizing the political spectrum into right and left is an oversimplification. There are varieties within varieties. There is what could be called a “fringe right.” This does not include what liberal mouthpieces refer to as the “far” right. A fringe is a fringe.

The left has no “fringe left.” How do we know?

We know this because the left tells us so. While we are told a person or an idea belongs on the “far” right, you will note the term “far left” is never used. So obviously, there can be no “fringe left.”

Should we assume then no matter how radical, extreme or even whacky an idea or person may become on the left, it is simply another reflection of what can be said to be in the mainline left?

As a life-long conservative, I can assure you many on the right reject fringe right doctrine and can even be embarrassed by some of their ideas and actions. But since there is no “far left,” we can only assume there is no “fringe left” for which leftists could reject doctrines and be embarrassed. In fact, since extremists apparently don’t exist on the left, should we assume they will rush to support such persons and groups?

Surely not.

But then, maybe so.

Look at how the left and right reacted to Obama and Trump. Did Fox News, for example, react to Obama as CNN reacts to Trump? Obama in many ways was an empty suit. He was an elegant empty suit, and he helped those on the left feel righteous and vindicated, but except for politicalizing the Justice Department and the FBI, attempting to remake Washington into Chicago, refusing to have a realistic foreign policy and acting shocked when something negative happened in his own government, he did very little except improve his golf game.

All of it was literally beyond-words wonderful to the left.

Trump, on the other hand, is not an empty suit. He has stirred up almost everything, has policy wonks across the globe jumping through hoops and has worked on his golf game. Moreover, he can’t seem to put a sentence together without utilizing exaggerated and egotistical adjectives and adverbs.

He embarrasses people on the right daily. They are not going to trade him in for Hillary Clinton, and will even praise him for what they approve, but they are more realistic about him than the left ever was towards Obama.

But you see, there is no “fringe left” so there can be no extremist on the left. Obama is good. Trump is bad. Everything Obama did was good. Everything Trump does is bad.

But that can’t be true because the left mainstream is composed of intelligent moderates, with well-thought out and unbiased opinions. However, a true moderate would be a sellout and extreme leftists don’t exist, so it appears as if the monolithic left is responsible for it all.

Dennis Clayson is a marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect those of the University of Northern Iowa.


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