You can display your virtual courage in Tokyo by rescuing a mewling cat perched on a wooden plank that balances from the edge of a skyscraper.

Walking out on the plank includes one heart-stopping moment where the wood appears to bend slightly beneath your feet with the virtual sky stretching in all directions. Some participants were so freaked out they got on their hands and knees — for real — to keep going.

A fuzzy object that feels like a dead dog gets placed in your hands if you make it to the end. That's the extent of the illusion. If you're not convinced, you may feel like dropping the thing into the virtual abyss below.

The cat rescue is one of eight VR experiences created by game-maker Bandai Namco for HTC's Vive headset. Another entails shooting flying robotic spaceships with a manga-like female character as your co-pilot.

Each experience in VR Zone: Project I Can cost 700 yen (about $6.30) to 1,000 yen ($9). This one's over, but expect more like it to come.