School choice


WATERLOO — As a parent of children who attend a local Catholic school, I was glad to see The Courier’s recent coverage of Rep. Walt Rogers’ comments on school choice in Iowa. Whether it’s public, private, online or homeschooling — families should have the right to choose the educational environment that best suits their child’s need and learning style.

As many of us already know, school choice programs help remove barriers, such as where you live and your annual household income, which can cause difficulty and even prevent parents from sending their student down the most beneficial educational path toward success.

I appreciate Rogers’ interest in this important issue and his efforts to further review and research school choice in Iowa. I’m confident he will come to the same conclusion many others have — Iowa families and students across the state benefit when parents have the ability to choose what’s best for their students. I want to thank Rogers’ for his work on this issue so far and urge him to forge a path forward for school choice during the 2018 legislative session.

Green lights


WATERLOO — I fully agree with Cleo Cross (letter April 26) that Cedar Falls has completely destroyed our University Avenue. I do not wish it to happen in Waterloo.

I do agree with some of Dave Schmidt’s letter April 26 that some drivers have lost respect for red lights and stop signs. There are two advantages of left-turn arrow lights, and often times a steady green light — they are both green. Some people do not like to stop at amber lights.

The simple answer is, whether you like it or not, obey traffic laws. There will be no accidents.



CEDAR FALLS — Consider Ronald Reagan’s trickle-down economics and an apple tree. The tree can grow and produce as long as it is anchored in the soil and a bed of grass. These are the working poor and those struggling to become middle class.

Periodically along comes a lawn mower and clips the grass back to size. The mower is inflation and higher income taxes. The tree trunk represents the middle and upper middle class providing a strong stem on which the wealthy can put out branches of investments. The soil and grass keep providing the basic needs for growth.

The tree blooms with productivity and produces fruit. The best of the fruit stays on the branches and is protected to be picked at the most opportune time for satisfaction. In the meantime, dried and rotted blossoms, less than perfect green fruit and rotten buggy fruit fall to the ground. Here they become fertilizer for future growth.

Without the bed of soil and grass, along with the trunk, there would be no blossoms or apples on the tree. If this country is to survive, we all need to be provided for. The blooms and fruit should be enjoyed by all.


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