Letters to the Editor for March 28

2012-03-28T12:00:00Z Letters to the Editor for March 28 Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
March 28, 2012 12:00 pm

Fences keep deer in shape


BRANDON — Am I the only one to notice this? Why hasn’t the Department of Natural Resources cracked down on farmers removing fences? Fellow citizens, the farmers are quietly affecting deer physical characteristics by eliminating obstacles to the fields so deer can amble in for a lunch without needing to leap.

After a few hundred generations of non-use, the deer legs will atrophy, causing shorter, weaker legs. The side effects are unknown at this time, but you can just imagine what a future deer animal will look like and the problems it will face.

You heard it here first. Do we need some more laws?


Humanities careers pay well

Julie Husband

CEDAR FALLS — I would like to respond to the misleading assumption found in Jim Offner’s Courier editorial on Sunday. His editorial reflects a common but inaccurate belief that should not guide decision making at the University of Northern Iowa.

Offner argues that universities should disinvest in humanities majors, specifically philosophy and German, and invest in business management because the role of college is to "train highly specialized workers." People commonly believe a business degree to be a more lucrative degree, and yet according to the comprehensive survey of mid-career pay rates for various majors, business management ranked significantly lower than philosophy, American studies, literature and linguistics (see www.payscale.com/best-colleges/degrees.asp). While it is true that humanities majors during a recession have a higher unemployment rate right out of college, the writing, research and information synthesizing and processing skills learned in the humanities prove to be enduring and valued skills in work careers.


Don’t waste time on dollar coin


JESUP — It disappoints me to hear that Congress is spending time debating permanently replacing the dollar bill with a dollar coin. Instead of spending time on this unnecessary legislation, Congress should focus on more pertinent issues facing American citizens, like rising fuel costs. This added cost is such a burden for working families and business owners.

Things aren’t getting any easier for small business in this country. Should HR 2977/S. 2049 pass, forcing people to carry around dollar coins instead of bills, more customers would be inclined to use their debit/credit cards. Businesses have to cover the bank fees for those transactions, which are astronomical. My shop also has gaming and vending machines. While I do not own these machines, if they needed to be upgraded or replaced, the vendors would need to pay those expenses out-of-pocket, and it is likely some of that cost would be passed on to me.

As a small business owner, I want Congress to spend its time debating more important legislation. Work on reducing the daily costs incurred by working people, create more jobs and pass meaningful legislation to actually stimulate the economy.

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