WATERLOO — Waterloo’s police chief will donate a kidney to a friend of a friend.

“Just one,” Chief Daniel Trelka said Tuesday.

The procedure is scheduled today at Froedtert Hospital in the Milwaukee, Wis., area.

“I’m a little nervous, but my mindset is there,” said Trelka, who in the past has donated plasma.

The organ donation plan started awhile ago when a retired police officer from Sturgeon Bay, Wis., where Trelka had been police chief before coming to Waterloo, fell ill and needed a replacement.

Trelka, 53, worked with the officer and applied to be a donor, which involves a battery of tests.

During the process, the retired Sturgeon Bay officer got better and no longer needed a kidney. But Trelka decided to go ahead with the donation anyway after learning a friend of a friend had the same need.

“For a guy my age, I’m in excellent health. … I figured what the heck,” Trelka said.

The procedure originally was scheduled for around Christmas. Then it was pushed back to Jan. 9 and again postponed until today, Trelka said.

The operation and recovery are expected to take him out of action for about five weeks. Maj. Joe Leibold will be acting chief, and Trelka will keep up with developments through email.


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