WATERLOO - The city of Waterloo Waste Management Services Department has a new recycling drop-off location in Waterloo. It's located at Byrnes Park on the Campbell Avenue side.

The opening of the new site will bring the total number of drop-off stations in the city to seven. Residents will be able to recycle cardboard, clear glass, plastic, newspapers and magazines at this location.

Residents are reminded to deposit items into the containers that are recyclable and to keep the area clean. Dumping outside the containers is not allowed and abuse of this recycling site will not be tolerated.

Questions may be directed to the Waste Management Services' office, 3505 Easton Ave., Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., or by calling 291-4553 during office hours.


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I give it less than a year before before tires, trash, lumber and other non-recylables are dumped and it closes up due to the clods in 'Loo


The drop-off location at Williston and 4th looks terrible... junk sitting around, and the sign looks like it was painted in 1943. No wonder many businesses don't want them on their property. If you're going to put a recycling center in a city park of all places, I hope it comes with a commitment to keep it picked up and well-maintained... as all of the centers should be!


Most of that stuff is just drop off on the road sides, Ditches, Parks, Do they even write tickets for littering any more?


"Dumping outside the containers is not allowed and abuse of this recycling site will not be tolerated." Sure glad they added that stipulation to this "new" drop-off site. Too bad the other sites never had that stipulation in place from the start.....Ha Ha...that's sarcasm.

Too bad the crackerjack idiots that need to "see/hear" this stipulation don't bother (not smart enough?!?) to actually read the newspaper (or internet). Actually, I think the abuse comes from the idiots that refuse to go through the proper channels of disposal - meaning they don't want to pay to have it "thrown away" the proper way.

I will say that since it's within the sights of the Leisure Svcs building, Byrnes pool, and neighbors across the street, maybe they all can help deter the jerks that try dumping.

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