CEDAR FALLS — A number of people were transported to area hospitals with unknown injuries following a series of accidents Saturday on Iowa Highway 58.

“There was actually three separate accidents — all related — between Viking Road and Greenhill on Highway 58,” said Capt. Craig Berte of the Cedar Falls Police Department. The accidents included one each involving two cars, three cars and four cars. The incidents happened around 2 p.m.

One lane of the highway was closed for a period of time and backed up to Greenhill Road. That stretch of Highway 58, near the Cedar Falls Industrial Park and a cluster of retail along Viking Road east of 58, has been the scene of numerous accidents over the years.

“All the accidents are still under investigation and no citations were issued,” he said.

Berte noted the accidents were related to traffic lining up for a left-turn lane, similar to what happens during the holidays with shoppers out in force. He said it is unknown if the bottleneck was connected to the new Scheels store that opened Saturday at 402 Viking Plaza Drive, but admitted that could have been a factor.

“There was a lot of traffic out there with Scheels opening,” said Berte.


CEDAR FALLS, Iowa --- Southbound Iowa Highway 58 is bottlenecked between Greenhill and Viking roads this afternoon due to an accident, Courier staff at the scene reports.

One lane of the highway is closed and backed up to Greenhill Road, Courier staff report.

That stretch of Highway 58, near the Cedar Falls Industrial Park and a cluster of retail along Viking Road east of 58, has been the scene of numerous accidents over the years.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.


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first amendment

I appreciate you're showing a picture of traffic backed up instead of showing the cars. When families aren't able to be notified by police or family before they see it on the interwebs it creates an even worse situation for them. Thank you for responsible journalism in this case. You were able to report on it quickly, but give the families their privacy in these early stages.


I was out in that area with my family today. the reason traffic is so bad is because of the new Scheels store grand opening out there today. It was rediculous how people were driving just to get out there I was almost hit three times by the same idiot. All I can say is that it was a huge mistake building that store out there all it is going to do is cause some serious problems with traffic in the area.


The traffic was pretty bad out there today. That turning lane should be much, much longer to handle all the cars during these heavy shopping events when these accidents frequently happen, like around xmas time. Once the new Menards and a few more new stores are open out there, I bet the traffic will be a mess most of the time.


Its not only the new Scheels out there that causes the traffic issues and accidents like this, granted the Scheels store drew a large crowd.But this intersection is a big design mistake at the start.
They had to know this area would be eventually be developed to accommodated more stores in the future, and to have a pedestrian cross walk at that area really is a disaster without a walk-way over head.Proven by a death last year.


This intersection has been a nightmare since that area has seen an increase in businesses. The traffic flow has always been bad and it's only going to get worse.


The logical solution would be turn the intersection of Viking Road and 58 into a multi-lane traffic circle. No more turning lanes!




Yeah yeah yeah----a ROUNDABOUT. DOT loves roundabouts.

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