EVANSDALE -- A malfunctioning elevator forced senior citizens to be evacuated from an apartment building Thursday.

Evansdale Fire and Waterloo Fire Rescue responded to a reported fire at Evansdale Senior Residences, 210 S. Evans Road, shortly after 11 a.m. But it was an overheated elevator component which had caused some smoke, official on the scene said.

Residents from the 48-unit, three-story apartment complex were evacuated to nearby businesses and private vehicles before being allowed to return an hour later.

"Unfortunately there's a lot of elderly folks here who don't walk real well so we were trying to find close quarters for them to go," said Evansdale Police Chief Jeff Jensen. "Our number one concern is to get people out and get them safe."

Family and volunteers helped move many of the residents, some in wheelchairs, to the nearby Covenant Clinic, First Security State Bank and Evansdale Chiropractic Clinic.

Jensen said an elevator mechanic on the scene was hoping to get the lift back in service Thursday.