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CEDAR FALLS — An agreement between the University of Northern Iowa and Drake University Law School has been signed to create a joint program where UNI students can earn a bachelor’s degree from UNI and a law degree from Drake Law School on an accelerated schedule, or 3+3 program.

The 3+3 program in law will allow students to receive their bachelor’s degree and their juris doctor degree in six years rather than the traditional seven years. A UNI student will be able to apply to the law school in the academic year prior to their projected graduation from UNI. Many majors on campus can by completed within the program’s accelerated timeline.

“The 3+3 program increases the options available to UNI pre-law students,” said Scott Peters, associate professor of political science and coordinating pre-law adviser. “Our faculty pre-law advisers work closely with students to help them prepare for law school and navigate the application process. We’re excited for the opportunities provided by this partnership.”

UNI also has an agreement with the University of Iowa College of Law that was signed in 2014. This partnership allows UNI undergraduates in their junior year of study to apply for admission to Iowa’s juris doctor program and graduate with a bachelor’s degree from UNI and a law degree from Iowa.

The benefit of a 3+3 program is students complete their education more quickly, effectively reducing costs and student loan debt and providing students an extra year of earning power after they graduate.


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