Rock star Sammy Hagar's book draws Waterloo woman's lawsuit

2011-10-07T13:45:00Z 2013-05-06T11:52:59Z Rock star Sammy Hagar's book draws Waterloo woman's lawsuitBy JEFF REINITZ, Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

To view the 1989 agreement between the woman and Sammy Hagar, click here.


WATERLOO, Iowa --- A Waterloo woman is taking rock star Sammy Hagar to court, claiming his recent tell-all book tells too much.

The woman alleges Hagar broke a secret agreement and distorted the facts when he wrote about a child he allegedly conceived with her in the late 1980s while he was the lead singer for Van Halen.

In court records, the woman is only identified as "Jane Doe." The lawsuit said she is a Waterloo resident but lived elsewhere during the time of the events described in Hagar's book.

The "Doe" name is being used to protect the woman's identity.

In the book, "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock" --- released in March by HarperCollins --- Hagar, 63, of Corte Madera, Calif., writes about a former Playboy bunny he met in Detroit. The book alleges she later extorted the musician, claiming he was the father of her child, in order to receive support money during the pregnancy. He denied paternity in the book.

In the lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Black Hawk County District Court, Doe asserts Hagar improperly portrays her in the book as a schemer who seduced him.

David L. Brown, a Des Moines attorney representing the woman, said his client had no advance notice the book was coming out and wasn't told that information about her would be included.

Contact information for Hagar wasn't immediately available. Brown said Hagar's attorneys know about the suit.

Messages for officials at HarperCollins weren't returned Thursday.

The breach of contract and defamation lawsuit said Hagar's public disclosure of the events in the book violated their agreement, and Doe was damaged by having to relive the events, which included the death of the baby, identified as Dylan.

In addition to being identified only as Doe in the lawsuit, the woman's name wasn't mentioned in Red, and it was scrubbed from a copy of her 1989 agreement with Hagar that accompanied the lawsuit.

The suit said the woman was an Iowa native who currently lives in Waterloo. In between, she pursued careers in music and acting but mainly worked as a waitress and met Hagar when she was a Playboy bunny. She was friendly with one of Hagar's bandmates and was invited to his hotel room on one occasion, the suit states.

A "sporadic but intense" relationship developed, according to the suit's account, and he arranged to be with her on a number of occasions in different cities. When she became pregnant, he became angry, according to the lawsuit.

Both sides sought legal advice, and they reached an agreement to support her during the pregnancy. A paternity test was to follow the birth. The deal was confidential because Hagar was married, had children and was famous.

Baby Dylan died shortly after birth, according to the lawsuit.

Hagar wrote that he doubted she ever had the baby and said she may have had an abortion.

"Obviously, it wasn't my baby, and they knew it. They just extorted me as long as they could," the book reads.

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  1. Ha Ha Happy Now
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    Ha Ha Happy Now - October 16, 2011 6:18 pm
    []reojoe said: Can't get one by you... Oh my God now he's a expert on paternity!!!!! Ya, you betcha.
  2. bowedoak
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    bowedoak - October 15, 2011 12:05 pm
    Burt said: "I read the 1989 agreement. She has a very weak case. She committed not to talk about the circumstances that lead to the agreement, but Sammy did not. "
    Page 9 section 7 of the contract says neither of them could talk about it, not just her. Claimant AND respondent were both covered here. There are multiple other reasons why the case won't hold up, but he was in a contractual agreement to never discuss it and he did violate that.

  3. Burt
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    Burt - October 13, 2011 2:51 pm
    I read the 1989 agreement. She has a very weak case. She committed not to talk about the circumstances that lead to the agreement, but Sammy did not. She agreed to hush up and he agreed to give her money. They both agreed to keep the terms of the agreement confidential, but Sammy did not go into the particulars in the book. Hard to see how she was harmed or did not get what was agreed to the contract.
  4. reojoe
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    reojoe - October 11, 2011 1:15 pm
    SS1964 said: "Obviously just another person trying to get money out of someone. "

    Can't get one by you...

  5. SS1964
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    SS1964 - October 10, 2011 2:18 pm
    I have read this book and did not make the connection that the woman now lives in Waterloo or whom she may have been. I'm not sure how this will alter her life. As for her stating that "Doe was damaged by having to relive the events." What does she think a lawsuit will do. Obviously just another person trying to get money out of someone.
  6. H8 I0WA
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    H8 I0WA - October 07, 2011 3:11 pm
    Mmm Two.
  7. cfgolf
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    cfgolf - October 07, 2011 1:22 pm
    Hmmm, so how many former Playboy Bunnies can there be living in Waterloo right now? My guess would be about one!
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