Travis J. McChane, 28, and Elly J. Wilkes, 27, both of Evansdale.

Blaine D. Bishop, 51, and Tamara J. Barth, 48, both of Waterloo.

Chad M. Mills, 29, and Maggie Y. Fencl, 25, both of Waterloo.

Larry H. Palmer Jr., 47, of Evansdale, and Olivia M. Nandell, 41, of Waterloo.

Brandon D. Simon, 32, and Amanda K. Erickson, 25, both of Waterloo.

Antoine J. Williams Jr., 21, and Angela M. Reyes, 22, both of Waterloo.

Rebecca D. Greene, 28, and Mellany M. Weber, 24, both of Waterloo.

Scott M. Thomas, 25, and Hannah N. Sloan, 24, both of Waterloo.

Bart A. Loughry, 30, and Jennifer L. Fagervik, 32, both of Waterloo.

Craig A. Cohea, 73, and Janice L. Isley, 70, both of Waterloo.

Barry L. Despard, 58, and Janet Paul, 53, both of Cedar Falls.

Tresor Mpwanga Kashala, 34, and Ange Dianzambi Matulonga, 35, both of Waterloo.

Ryan M. Schmitz, 32, and Sarah M. Wilcox, 33, both of Waterloo.

Ryan L. Hagerstrom, 40, and Sheri B. Sigler, 38, both of Waterloo.

Joseph D. Barloon, 25, of Waterloo, and Jaleen J. Freiberg, 25, of Marshalltown.

Colton J. Weber, 28, and Sonya M. Block, 26, both of Jesup.

Tyler J. Voshell, 28, and Ayli J. Kennon, 26, both of Dunkerton.

Jordan C. Strottman, 25, and Brianna E. McCaslin, 25, both of Waterloo.


KEMP, Kristine D. and Gregory T., common-law marriage, Oct. 1, 2003.

THOMPSON, Raymond D. and Karen E., married Nov. 23, 1979, in Grinnell.

WAGNER, Justin J. and Sarah J., married April 2, 2012, in Las Vegas.

JOHNSON, Megan R. and Shane A., married Nov. 8, 2012, in Black Hawk County.

FIFIELD, Bethany A. and Chad V., married May 21, 2012, in Marshalltown.

MATA, Kimberly A., and MATA MARTINEZ, Mario A., married June 12, 2003, in Waterloo.

MEDINA, John A. and Sarah A., married Oct. 28, 2007, in Charlotte.

STREED, Jason E. and Candy W., married July 9, 1994, in Cedar Falls.

BASTIS, Reuhla and Ronald, married Dec. 20, 2003, in Ashford, Conn.

CLAYBON, Donna P. and Daniel M., married Oct. 22, 1990, in Waterloo.

SWEHLA, Alex L. and James C., married July 1, 2009, in Iowa.

Separate Maintenance

MEYER, Brittani L. and Matthew L., married Sept. 26, 2009, in Calmar.