Joshua J. Willms, 28, and Kailah M. Davenport, 28, both of Waterloo.

Kyle W. Kobliska, 30, of Waterloo, and Deborah K. Black, 32, of Marion.

Daniel L. Mossman, 26, of Waterloo, and Cara B.A. Hagen, 23, of Denver.

Kay Reh, 33, and Su Meh, 30, both of Waterloo.

Shaun D. Clark, 38, and Laurie L. Reimer, 29, both of Kingsville, Texas.

Jocamo R. Janshen, 37, and Helen C. Cassidy, 39, both of Evansdale.

Daniel J. Hess, 28, and Charity L. Hayek, 29, both of Waterloo.

Arthur L. Wright III, 35, and Nakia M. Jefferson, 26, both of Waterloo.

Scott B. Hillier, 28, of Grand Rapids, Mich., and Samantha J. Heinen, 24, of Kentwood, Mich.

Chad L. Gray, 49, and Christina J. Tlusty, 47, both of Cedar Falls.

Timothy B. Ferry III, 24, and Emma E. Swensen, 21, both of Cedar Falls.

John W. Knapp, 27, and Anna M. Benson, 25, both of Cedar Falls.

Paul D. Rozeboom, 27, of Dakota Dunes, S.D., and Leah R. Rottinghaus, 24, of Waterloo.

Anthony W. Cougler, 32, and Kylie T. Toomer, 31, both of Cedar Falls.

David O. Bartels, 74, and Sonja R. Gosse, 72, both of Oelwein.

Channing T. Puls, 26, and Blaire L. Dinsdale, 26, both of Hudson.

Pleh Reh, 24, and Mee Meh, 25, both of Waterloo.

Zackary D. Woock, 31, and Jessica M. Porter, 35, both of Cedar Falls.

Bryan K. Robinson, 33, and Jessica R. Thraen, 28, both of Waterloo.

Kyle A. Mentzer, 23, and Stacey R. Stamps, 29, both of Independence.

Anthony P. Dalessandro, 29, and Jennifer L. Brandt, 30, both of Cedar Falls.

Bryce A. King, 28, and Krystal M. Monroe, 31, both of Hudson.

Todd E. Moudry, 44, of Elk Run Heights, and Annette M. Rohlk, 44, of North Liberty.

John W. Holmes, 48, and Kelli J. Klein, 40, both of Waterloo.


NAYLOR, Richard W. and Ashley M., married April 9, 2011, in Las Vegas.

LEVRY, Jochim G. and Sabrina R., married Feb. 4, 2011, in Cedar Falls.

HEASLEY, Amanda J. and Brian A., married April 26, 2015, in Waterloo.

CROWHURST, Kelly J. B. and Lori D., married Dec. 22, 1995, city not available.

MATERN, Cari N. and Douglas K., married July 31, 2004, in Fort Madison.

Separate Maintenance

ROBERTS, Donald R. and Karen B., married March 26, 1933, in South Dakota.