Darronte J. Ivy, 26, and Amanda J. Price, 26, both of Waterloo.

Duncan D. Fisher, 22, and Sarah M. Schmidt, 22, both of Cedar Falls.

Cody M. Rohlf, 25, and Rachel F. Hoeger, 24, both of Cedar Falls.

Sean C. Berry, 30, and Jennifer L. Van Dorn, 30, both of Waterloo.

Jesse D. McCarvel, 28, and Sahara D. Tomer, 22, both of Waterloo.

Jhonathan D. Portillo Rivera, 23, and Jennifer Guzman, 19, both of Waterloo. Logan A. Henderson, 23, and Mija E. Bean, 22, both of Waterloo.

John A. Medina Sr., 31, and Dana M. Ivey, 38, both of Waterloo.

Dana S. Andrews, 46, and Tammy J. Bigwood, 44, both of Jesup.

Maurice C. Moore, 25, of Waterloo, and La’Tysha L. Hill, 26, of Evansdale. David L. Story Jr., 34, and Kenzie L. Paup, 35, both of Denver, Colo.

Terence L. Taylor, 33, Rebecca S. Todd, 34, both of Waterloo.

Jared M. Pratt, 26, and Summer R. Bosley, 22, both of Waterloo.

Wesley A. Sindt, 27, and Chelsea R. Hilpipre, 25, both of Cedar Falls.

Jeffrey S. Bendorf, 51, of Stitzer, Wis., and Ada O. Oyaide, 48, of Waterloo. Lance R. Roby, 35, and Phaedra D. Mobley, 45, of Waterloo.

Ryan D. Stuber, 23, and Veronice E. Garcia, 21, both of Waterloo.

Alex D. Niehaus, 22, and Alicia G. Hornfeck, 22, both of Cedar Falls.

David Loveberry Jr., 25, and Laniya S. Keys, 29, both of Waterloo.

Cody A. Crawford, 28, and Catherine J. Stone, 26, both of Charlotte, N.C. Marcus B. Proctor, 29, and Lamika S. Bell, 27, both of Cedar Falls.

Louis W. Hagarty, 42, and Tammy R. Folkerts, 38, both of Waterloo.

Colin P. Ashwood, 25, of Bloomington, Ind., and Maria S. Wagenhofer, 24, of Anamosa.

Jared S. Deines, 21, and Laura L. Relph, 21, both of Cedar Falls.

Ronald C. Jones, 35, and Topez S. Mitchell, 26, both of Waterloo.

Bruce L. Nedd, 54, and Loretta A. Caston, 56, both of Waterloo.

Alex J. Andrews, 22, and Heidi M. Brandt, 22, both of Cedar Falls.

Kaleb K. Meyer, 30, and Lauren R. Papham, 23, both of Waterloo. Dissolutions

MUMBY, Adam L. and SNYDER-MUMBY, Lori L., married June 22, 2013, in Waterloo.

FOULK, Debra K. and Rodney K., married May 15, 1997, in Washburn.

FLEMING, Shannon L. and Christopher J., married Aug. 1, 2009, in Evansdale.

CAPESIUS, Lawrence J. and PEYRES, Mary J., married Feb. 14, 2015, in Las Vegas.

WELLS, Megan J. and Brian J., married May 26, 2007, in Waterloo.

PETERSEN, Julie R. and Kevin L., married Nov. 22, 1986, in Kossuth County.

McALPINE, Bess A. and Bryan P., married in 2007 in Iowa.

GUERNSEY, William L. and Michele S., married July 29, 2010, in Cedar Falls.


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