Levi L. Forrester, 31, and Erica A. Shepherd, 18, both of Waterloo.

Jared M. Zebuhr, 25, and Amanda L. Matus, 25, both of Evansdale.

Christopher I. Muehlemann, 29, of Grundy Center, and Sarah E. Doering, 31, of Cedar Falls.

Matthew A. Hartness, 32, and Sarah R. Dalziel, 32, both of Elk Run Heights.

Larry A. Earley, 49, and Wanda M. Whitehead, 32, both of Waterloo.

Beau J. Brunson, 27, and Breanna N. Anderson, 26, both of Waterloo.

Elvis Ibricic, 24, and Hermina Topcagic, 22, both of Waterloo.


PALMER, Verlin E. and Roxanne M., married Oct. 23, 1993, in Waterloo.

MANCHESTER, Tia Jo K. and Jacob M., married July 26, 2008, in Denver.

DUNN, Deborah S. and James A., married Aug. 28, 1998, in Yankton, S.D.