Todd D. Frost, 51, and Heidi H. Hansen, 48, both of Cedar Falls.

Ryan M. Pennebaker, 33, and Kelsey L. Stokesbary, 31, both of Raymond.

Niclas A. Lansing, 31, and Haley I. Burrage, 27, both of Waterloo.

Todd H. Stancer, 56, and Russell E. Milane, 61, both of Amana.

Wesley J. Granahan, 39, and Kerrie L. Moore, 39, both of Waterloo.

Bradley D. Boyle, 27, of New Sharon, and Michelle S. Schupbach, 26, of Cedar Falls.

Craig J. Michelson, 30, and Hilary N. Northrup, 27, both of Waterloo.

James E. Mosley, 47, and Dana R. Clayton, 45, both of Cedar Falls.

Elvir Begic, 30, of Cedar Falls, and Fatima Topalovic, 26, of Johnston.

Alex S. Tungland, 27, and Katelyn M. Pedersen, 27, both of Cedar Falls.

Trevor A. Bourg, 30, and Julia L. Soyer, 27, both of Cedar Falls.

Daniel A. Kleiner, 25, and Taylor J. Dittmer, 24, both of Cedar Falls.

Jeffrey M. Allen, 30, and Kara R. Allen, 25, both of Waterloo.

Brandon J. Vaughn, 27, and Brittney A. Bienfang, 28, both of Evansdale.


FONTENOT II, Holly M. and Danny L., married Feb. 5, 2005, in Louisiana.

GARCES, Merissa K. and Daniel A., married May 14, 2015, in New Bern, N.C.

BAULER, Matthew J. and Bobbi J., married Aug. 12, 2015, in Black Hawk County.

CLARK, Prudence J. and Rodney L., married in 1990 in Iowa.

NEWMAN, Amber and Eric, married Aug. 8, 2009, in Waterloo.


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