WATERLOO, Iowa --- Police found a home with no running water and dog feces near a child's crib at one of two methamphetamine labs raided on Tuesday, according to court records.

Acting on a tip about a suspicious odor coming from 621 Dawson St., investigators found the resident and his 2-month-old son at the home. They also discovered lithium batteries, muriatic acid, tubing and other items used to make meth, court records state.

The father, 44-year-old George Andrew Damme, and the child's mother, Lacy Ann Beck, 26, who showed up during the raid, were arrested for conspiracy to manufacture meth and child endangerment.

Damme's bond was set at $55,000, and bond for Beck, who also was awaiting drug and arson charges in connection with a 2011 meth lab fire in Evansdale, was set at $75,000.

Later that same day, police went to 516 Stratford Ave. to investigate a possible burglary and found muriatic acid, lithium strips and empty pseudophedrine pill boxes and meth in the house.

They also found three people inside --- Joshua James Shadow, 27, of 225 Bismark Ave., Dale Dean Urban, 27, of 209 Belle St., and Ariane Michalynn Fagerlind, 24, of 439 Vermont St. --- who were arrested for conspiracy to manufacture meth.

Urban's bond was set at $100,000. Bond for Shadow and Fagerlind was set at $50,000.

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