OSAGE - David and Ann Dunlop were remembered Wednesday as kind, generous people who loved to offer a helping hand to others.

The Dunlops were killed Tuesday when their car left a roadway, entered a ditch, struck a tree and overturned, landing on its top in a waterway. The accident happened on Highway 218, a half a mile south of the Minnesota border.

"The community is devastated," said Ellen Elsbury, a lifelong friend of both of them. "We're all just crushed.

"Dave and Ann were giving people. Whenever anyone had a need, they were there," she said.

"They were generous with their time, they were generous with their money, they were generous with their love."

Ardelys Newton sang in the choir at the First United Methodist Church with Ann Dunlop.

"She was a very good tenor," said Newton. "One thing about Ann - when you couldn't find a note, she'd find it. She was a good leader. And I never saw her when she wasn't bubbly. She was a lot of fun. She was also an excellent bridge player."

Newton said Dave Dunlop was kind and considerate and was involved in many activities over the years.

"When I think of Dave I think of his dry sense of humor," she said.

"He did a lot of things. He sold insurance and was our insurance man for a while. Then he went into photography and did our daughter's wedding. He was really into guns and taught gun classes, too."

Mitchell County Sheriff Curt Younker knew of Dave Dunlop's prowess with guns. Dunlop taught the concealed weapon permit course for more than 30 years in Mitchell County.

"Dave was a championship target shooter over the years. He was a pillar of the community, really active in conservation," Younker said.

"He was always low key. I don't know whether I ever heard him laugh out loud and it wasn't because he was morose; he was just laid back," said Younker.

Ramona Morse said she'll remember Ann as someone "who always wanted to make you feel comfortable."

She said Ann was a master bridge player and was kind and encouraging when playing with people who did not match her skill at the game.

"She was always very pleasant and mixed in well with folks," said Morse.

Dave Dunlop will be remembered for doing well at most everything he got involved in.

"He started an insurance business from scratch and a photography business from scratch and succeeded at both of them," she said.

One thing almost every friend talked about was the dunlop's' devotion to one another.

As Elsbury reflected, "It's a tragedy that they're gone, but they were together when they died."




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