GRUNDY CENTER, Iowa --- A Grundy Center physician who was accused for dispensing methadone and giving an unneeded breast exam will surrender his medical license.

Under an agreement Dr. Frank L. Lamp entered into with the Iowa Board of Medicine last week, Lamp will give up his license instead of undergoing extra scrutiny to stay in practice.

The consent agreement was signed Friday and released on Wednesday.

The move was not a surprise. Lamp’s attorney had stated in April the doctor would likely close his practice.

The board had ordered that in order to keep practicing, Lamp would have to pay a $2,500 civil penalty, complete a clinical competency evaluation, have a female chaperone be present while treating minors and giving breast and pelvic exams to women and implement a monitoring plan.

He also would have been prohibited from administering or dispensing controlled substances.

Records allege Lamp acted unethical and unprofessional when he gave a 17-year-old girl a breast exam in August 2011 at his Grundy Center clinic.

He also inappropriately prescribed methadone between 2009 and 2011 to patients with substance abuse histories, the board determined.

According to the board’s complaint, Lamp prescribed methadone for a number of patients who had been receiving the drug from a Cedar Falls clinic as part of a regulated opioid dependency treatment program.

It was cheaper for the patients to receive methadone by getting a prescription from Lamp and filling it at a pharmacy compared to the cost of the treatment program, which also included counseling and other services, records state.

Lamp had argued that he was prescribing methadone for pain and not to treat an addiction, but his own notes for one patient indicated he was trying to determine a dosage to keep her from becoming sick from withdrawal and to prevent cravings, according to the board.

Lamp’s medial license had previously been suspended between 1997 and 2000 for substance abuse. He was on probation until 2005.

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