CHARLES CITY, Iowa -- A man who called the Floyd County Clerk of Court office Monday afternoon saying he had a gun and was right outside the courthouse actually was calling from Cresco.

Floyd County Sheriff Rick Lynch said safety precautions were taken at the courthouse, including having deputies check all entrances as well as outside for a man on a cell phone and locking the doors to the courtroom and judges chambers on the third floor, until officials were able to determine the man was calling from outside the Howard County Courthouse in Cresco.

Both Lynch and Howard County Chief Deputy Steve Worple said no charges were filed against Dean Benter of Protivin.

Lynch said officials in both Floyd and Howard County have dealt with the Benter in the past.

Benter "has some serious anger issues," Lynch said.

Benter apparently called the Floyd County number by mistake, thinking he was calling the Howard County Clerk of Court's office, according to Lynch.

Benter called the Floyd County office around 2 p.m. Lynch said he was screaming about wanting to file papers.

Benter said he was outside the courthouse and had a gun, according to Lynch.

He demanded to speak to the judge, so the clerk's office transferred him to Judge Christopher Foy and then contacted the sheriff's office.

Lynch said Foy told him that Benter didn't mention anything about a gun to him. Foy also got the man's address in Howard County.

Lynch said he spoke to a Howard County deputy, who told him Benter had just been to the courthouse in Cresco, but caused a problem and was escorted out and told not to come back.

Lynch said the deputy told him Benter went outside and sat in his truck. The deputy told Lynch he could see Benter yelling at someone on his cell phone.

Lynch said the courthouse safety committee will discuss a policy on how to handle these types of situations at its next meeting.

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Appears that Benter is bent.


They better be filing some kind of charges or this guy will most likely do something much worse than meake threatening phone calls. The article reads like it is excuseable because they have dealt with this guy before and he has anger issues. Now that thinking would be BENT!

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