OSAGE — The vacant Mitchell County treasurer’s job has been given to a member of the Board of Supervisors, Shannon Paulus.

Paulus, representing District 2, will fill the vacated position left following the December resignation of Mitchell County Treasurer Pamela K. Meyer.

The board received four applications for the position and, from those applicants, a motion was made by Supervisor Stan Walk and seconded by Supervisor Joel Voaklander to appoint Paulus.

Paulus resigned as supervisor, effective immediately, and was then sworn in by Board Chairman Voaklander.

“I’ve been looking at the DOT requirements,” Paulus said. “I plan to be able to sub for any of the girls at the counter. I won’t be back in the office; I plan to be part of the team.”

Paulus holds an associate’s degree in business management and marketing and a bachelor’s degree in human services and psychology.

“I know the issues in the office and have a lot of experience with supervision,” Paulus said. “I feel that I can be a positive change.”

The treasurer’s office handles the issuing of driver’s licenses in addition to tax collection, vehicle registration, and the reconciliation of all checks issued by the county. In addition, the county treasurer is responsible for investing the money of the county.

“Currently, we don’t do CDL driver testing in Mitchell County,” Paulus said. “That’s something I want to look into. We are sending people out of the county for that.”

The District 2 supervisor position will need to be filled.


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