WATERLOO — The father of a firefighter fatally stuck by a vehicle is urging the city to make changes to the intersection where it happened.

Greg Freshwater was 27 and in his first year in Waterloo Fire Rescue when he was struck and killed by a sport-utility vehicle Aug. 29 while jogging across Ansborough Avenue at Shaulis Road.

His father, retired firefighter Jeff Freshwater, thanked the mayor, council, staff and public safety community for their outpouring of support and love during Monday’s City Council meeting before asking them to take action to address the intersection.

Freshwater said a large electrical transmission pole at the intersection can block the view of Ansborough to the north of those traveling east along the Shaulis Road trail, especially if they are running or on a bicycle.

Vehicles currently have stop signs on Shaulis Road but not on Ansborough.

“I believe the city can take measures to prevent this tragedy from happening again,” Freshwater said. “In this particular intersection, especially, it’s simple. Move the stop sign to Ansborough.”

He also suggested the city review its growing trail system to look for similar problems.

“I was taught (as a firefighter) … always remember the letter P,” Freshwater said. “You preserve life; you protect property; and you do this with planning, preparation and practice, and you perform it with passion. I taught my son that his whole life.

“But the most important letter P in the fire service is prevention,” he added. “... I’m going to leave you with one last P: Please do something about it.”

Mayor Quentin Hart said he would address the issue with the city’s traffic operations and engineering staff.

“We will absolutely take a look into this situation,” he said.


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