CEDAR FALLS — The two candidates in Tuesday’s Cedar Falls City Council runoff election each raised nearly an equal amount of money for their campaigns — though each took different paths.

Candidate Rob Green raised $2,560 through the state reporting period ending Nov. 25 and spent $947. He says he raised more than $915 since then, for a total of $3,485 raised, from more than 40 individual contributors.

Candidate LeaAnn Saul raised $3,550 through Nov. 25, $3,000 of which was a personal loan from herself.

For the Nov. 7 municipal election, Saul raised more than $5,400 and loaned her campaign $2,000 for a total of more than $7,400, with $6,800 in expenditures. At-large candidate Rob Green raised $2,100 and spent almost $1,900. She spent $2,620 for the same period.

Saul said she received possibly an additional $50 since reporting period ending Nov. 25. She said she received additional offers of donations but declined most of them.

“This one’s on me,” she said.

Green, meanwhile raised more prior to the runoff election than the Nov. 7 vote. He also listed a $1,000 in-kind contribution from himself for advertising, web development and graphic design.

“I’m concerned about just how much info these (disclosure statements) are leaving out, since the reporting period ends 10 days before the elections,” Green said. “I’m trying to see if this is worth discussing as a legislative change” with the state. “The e-filing system would certainly make that possible, and would result in a more accurate filing for all candidates.”

Contributors of $100 or more to each campaign for the reporting period ending Nov. 25 are as follows. The indivlduals listed contributed $100 except where noted in parentheses.

Rob Green for Cedar Falls: Michael Dargan, Alexsandra Lehman, Gary Froyen, Christopher Martin ($200), Jeffrey Danielson, Ronald Green, Jeff Brich, Brent Johnson, Amy Mohr, Eashann Vajpeyi, Gary and Tiffany Norte ($200).

Saul for Council: Carolyn Hamrock ($150); Sid Morris, Mark Rolinger, Fred Rose ($200).