Waterloo Mayor

Buck Clark 4,132

Reggie Schmitt 2,199

Steve Schmitt 3,140


Waterloo Council at large

Bob Greenwood (i) 7,350

Martin C. Nance 1,305


Waterloo Council Ward 1

David Jones 1,214

John E. Murphy 910


Waterloo Council Ward 3

Dustin Cox 302

William V. Frost 191

Harold Getty (i) 806

Ryan Madison 156


Waterloo Council Ward 5

Ron Welper (i) 1,401

Dale Wille 615


Cedar Falls Mayor

Jon Crews (i) 3,921

Gage D. Rewerts 108

Dave Sires 1,617


Cedar Falls Council at large

Mark Niedert 676

Nick Taiber 2,517

Gary L. Winterhof 2,239


Cedar Falls Council Ward 1

Tom Hagarty (i) 904


Cedar Falls Council Ward 3

John Runchey (i) 963


Cedar Falls Council Ward 5

Frank Darrah (i) 1,301


Dunkerton Mayor

Michael J. Schares 107

Monica M. Smith 93


Dunkerton Council

Tom Bagby 94

Thomas DeLong (i) 149

Elizabeth Downs 126

Richard Ede (i) 142

Dj Manahl 138


Elk Run Heights Mayor

William R. Henninger II (i) 89


Elk Run Heights Council

Dennis D. Bass (i) 87

Rick Heth (i) 77

Ronald J. Ratchford (i) 84

Scott A. Wroe (i) 78

Gary L. Wurtz (i) 84


Evansdale Mayor

Chad Deutsch (i) 500

Shane Henninger 191

Denton Wilson 88


Evansdale Council at large

Gene R. Walker 610


Evansdale Council Ward 2

Carl E. Wyant (i) 203


Evansdale Council Ward 4

Dick DeWater 9 (i) 197


Evansdale Parks & Recreation Board

Jeff Dawson (i) 500

Sandra L. Roberts (i) 524


Gilbertville Mayor

Harry Fischels (i) 51


Gilbertville Council

Scott Becker (i) 58

Mark Thome (i) 57


Hudson Mayor

Bernie Jensen (i) 319

Thomas E. Kerr 72


Hudson Council

Robert S. Grittmann (i) 298

Dennis Sadler (i) 286


La Porte City Mayor

Rick Lubben (i) 273

Jane Whittlesey 187


La Porte City Council

Kenneth Harkness 225

Kathy Norris 289

Kim Ortiz 284


Raymond Mayor

B. Duane Briggeman 60

Monte Johnson 80

Ron Penn 33


Raymond Council

Eric Morgan 95

Martin J. Winter 65

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Well, it appears that either not everybody who calls for new blood on the city council bothers to get out and vote, or they're full of hot air. We're basically going to be stuck with the same ol' same ol' again.


Ok, somebody needs to fix this thing....having to type comments twice is a real pain!

Well, either all the people who called for new blood on the council didn't bother to go vote, or they really didn't mind what we had before from the looks of this. We basically have the same thing we had before.

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