FAYETTE, Iowa --- Authorities conducted "an intensive and focused" investigation into three alleged drug houses, and their efforts led to multiple arrest, according to the Fayette Police Department.

Those charged with various drug-related crimes were Brandee Delgado and Jedediah Morris of Fayette; Jordyne Lockhart of Luzerne; Caral Martinson of Union, Wash.; Joshua Lewis of Freeport, Ill.; and Kyle Key and Rayvione Mouton of California.

No ages were provided of any of the people arrested.

Fayette police and two canine teams worked jointly with the Oelwein Tactical Team, Fayette County Sheriff's Office, Iowa State Patrol and West Union Police Department to execute three search warrants Tuesday.

The effort produced more than 10 ounces of marijuana, $1,800 in cash and multiple drug-related items and communication equipment, according to officials. The value of the marijuana was listed at more than $6,000.

"While the Fayette Police Department's investigation was covert in nature, the outcome was successful due only to the outstanding cooperation of area law enforcement agencies working together," according to a statement released by Fayette police.

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wow, what a waste of government dollars. We have been 5 generations with a unlock door and a dog for a burglar alarm. Now, its lock it up and have looked in security for the homestead while these "public safety professionals" chase after 10 ounces of pot. Please, let us focus on threats to public safety.

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