School board elections will be held Tuesday. Following is a list of candidates in school district elections throughout the region, broken down by county. Incumbents are indicated by (I). Polling places are available from the county auditor’s office.

Bremer County

Denver (two seats) polls open 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

Scott Krebsbach (I), Ryan Sheridan

Janesville (two seats) polls open noon-8 p.m.

Lindsey Eibey (I), Tracy Meyer (I)

Sumner-Fredricksburg (two seats) polls open noon-8 p.m.

Dave Hassman, Lonnie Schult

Tripoli (three seats) polls open noon-8 p.m.

Vote for two: Amy Brocka, Gordon F. Davis Jr., Melody Drewis, Bruce Mueller; Vote for one: Larry D. Piehl (to fill vacancy)

Waspie Valley polls open 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

District 2: Michael W. Harford, Brent Sauerbrei (I)

District 3: Rustie Kane, Janice D. Martins

District 5: G. Mike Harter

Waverly-Shell Rock polls open noon-8 p.m.

District 1: Corrie Ramige

District 4: Kerri VanE

Buchanan County

All polls open noon-8 p.m.

East Buchanan

District 1: Greg Schmitt (I)

At-large: Brian Crawford (I)


District 3: No candidates

At-large (one seat): Matt O’Loughlin, Gina E. Trimble

Jesup (three seats)

Amy Bucknell (I), Lisa Riensche (I), Dustin Thorson (I)

Butler County

All polls open noon-8 p.m.

Aplington-Parkersburg (two seats)

Myron Aalderks, Derek J. Harken, Jill A. Kalkwarf (I)

Clarksville (three seats)

Tim Backer, Justin H. Clark, Brandon Kampman, Shelley Maiers

North Butler

District 1: Laurie Shultz

District 2: No candidate

Chickasaw County

All polls open noon to 8 p.m.


District 1 (two seats): Rhonda L. Poppe (I), Jeff Ulrichs (I)

District 2 (one seat): No candidate

New Hampton

District 1: Joe Rosonke (I)

District 2: Damian Baltes (I), Jennifer Heying

At-large: Timothy Denner (I)

Turkey Valley

District 2: Brenda Mueterthies (I)

District 3: Donald P. Blazek (I)

Voters will also be deciding two ballot measures: Whether the school district should increase property taxes up to 67 cents per $1,000 of assessed value for a physical plant and equipment levy; If the school district should change the method of its elections from five single-member director districts to two at-large directors and three single-member districts elected by the entire school district.

Fayette County

All polls open noon-8 p.m.

North Fayette

District 1: No candidate

District 4: John Michael (I)

District 5: Juliann Ahrens (I)

District 6: Karen Michelson (I)

District 7: Marc Darryl Rue (I)

Oelwein (four seats)

Charlene Stocker (I), Jeremy Logan, Robert Kalb (I), Gregory Parmely, Dana Bostian (I), Julie Williams, Dustin Franzen

Valley (two seats)

Stephanie Hermen (I), Mark A. Howard (I)

West Central

District 2: Nichole Recker

At-large: No candidate

Floyd County

All polls open noon-8 p.m.

Charles City (three seats)

Scott Dight (I), Missy Freund, Joshua Mack

Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock (two seats)

Jeff Kuhlers (I), Mike Staudt (I)

Grundy County

All polls open noon-8 p.m.


District 1 (two seats): Lanae Metzgar, Chris Sailer, Anthony Sillman (I)

District 2: Josh Meyer

BCLUW (three seats)

Eric Engle (I), Lynne L. Kock (I), L.J. Kopsa (I)

Dike-New Hartford

District 1: Alan Shakespeare, Ashlee Tott

District 3: Ben Freese

At-large: Christa Lynne Lotts (I), Anjuli Myers

Grundy Center (three seats)

Alan J. Kiewiet, Andy Lebo, Mandy Yoder

Tama County

Gladbrook-Reinbeck (four seats) polls open 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

Rod Brockett (I), Christine Farley, Douglas Rowe (I); Susan Kerns-Petersen (to fill vacancy)

Voters will also be deciding whether the school district should dissolve as laid out in a dissolution proposal with all portions of Gladbrook-Reinbeck attached to five contiguous school districts.

North Tama County polls open noon-8 p.m.

District 1: Rod Zobel (I)

District 2: David Calderwood (I)

District 3: Robert Marc Cue, Mona Larsen

District 4: Cheryl Rae Popelka (I), Kennan Seda

South Tama County polls open noon-8 p.m.

District 1: Ronald Lee Houghton

District 2: Mandy Lekin

District 4: No candidate

Hawkeye Community College

District 3: Shari Sell-Bakker

District 4: Todd L. Rohlfsen

District 5: Bruce Clark (I)

District 7: Joan Webster-Vore (I)

District 9: John H. Allan


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